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Default Pleasantview - The Next Generation

Before I start my stories of Pleasantview, here some information about my story:

Next generation?

Next generation, how so? My first born in-game Pleasantviewers have their first babies now or are pregnant with their first baby. I did feel like doing a Pleasantview story before because 1) I was focused on playing and 2) There are already so many of them about the first “years” and I always wonder: what is next?
I will however include lots of flashbacks, to show how we got where we are ???? I will also start a little introduction, just to be sure you will understand who is who from the beginning.

To be taken into account:
- I am not a native English speaker, so I will make mistakes now and then
- I am from Belgium, where we speak Dutch and French, so the names will sometimes be a bit more “international”
- For the same reason of being Belgian, my female Sims will most of the time keep their names after getting married. No woman takes her husband’s name here. I downloaded a mod for this.
- My pictures are not always perfect. I play on an old laptop and I focus on my gameplay and the stories in my head, less on the pictures.
- The stories are real, in the sense that they are entirely based on my gameplay but of course with my own interpretations ???? I do not put anything in scene only to get a perfect picture that fits into the story.

Episode 1: Goth – Burb: Lucy the lucky girl

Short history:
- Alexander grew up with his father Mortimer, stepmother Dina and half-brother Gabriele. His father died when he was a teenager. Dina remarried with SSU frat boy Ashley Pitts, who became like a new stepfather for Alexander. In the meantime he was dating Melody Tinker, who was some Sim days younger than him.
- Lucy had a little brother, Dieter. Her parents broke up when she was a teenager (and had more kids, more about that later).
- Lucy and Alexander met at university where they stayed in the same dorm. They fell madly in love with each other.
- Now they live together in Pleasantview with their family.

Household members:

Lucy Burb and Alexander Goth
Guy Macarevich, Lucy’s son from her 1st marriage
Martina, Tom and Jonas Goth; Lucy and Alexander’s children
Renée Dreamer, Cassandra and Darren’s youngest daughter

Lucy has always known she would be a mom someday and she would have a big, loving family. Little did she know she would indeed get what she wanted, but not in the most traditional way. Her son Guy was already the child of a broken family in this picture.

Her simultaneous pregnancy with her mom’s was already quite uncommon, she would not imagine that her traditional image of family would fall even more apart, and that it was not entirely a bad thing, as she still thought when her parents divorced.

Or she didn’t want to see it yet. But was it really that normal that she was still seeing her ex-boyfriend as a married woman?

Especially not if you also woohoo him while being pregnant with your husband’s child.

And was this the big wedding she had dreamt of as a little girl? In her low-budget apartment downtown, with nobody else around, knowing that she was already pregnant after a revenge date with Addison to get over Alexander?

At the time, she was too angry at Alexander. She had caught him with Melody, his high school girlfriend. While she was thinking about life after college, he would not think of a better idea than cheating on her with that… uhh, she does not want to think about it anymore.

In the beginning they were so good. It was love at first sight when they met at the dorms. It was strange they hadn’t met before, they lived in the same neighborhood after all. But Alex came from a rich family, and her parents were struggling a lot when she was little. She loved his sense of wisdom, his hunger for knowledge. She knew that he still had a girlfriend from high school, but he had promised to break up with her.

But then that Melody girl came back, she even got her way into the sorority where Lucy had moved to. And although she got engaged to Beau Broke, she was still into Alexander. She and Alex used to talk about maths and physics, whereas Lucy was more into literature and cultural things. How could she compete with that nerdy, innocent-looking-but-not-so-innocent-at-all girl? It was too much at the time.

But still, the love for Alexander was too strong, even when she was already in her marriage, her house and her baby boy Guy Macarevich. She had to end this. And besides, Addison had been cheating on her too. So this was doomed.

She took the baby with her, took the taxi to Bluewater Village, where Alexander lived at the time, and moved in with him. Alexander was more than happy to treat her baby as his own. He had to spend a lot of time with Guy anyway, because Lucy was pregnant again and felt nauseous all the time. But it was worth it, because Lucy would soon give birth to his first biological baby: Martina Goth. That sweet little girl would look exactly like Alexander.

It was hard now and then, especially because Alexander had turned himself into a bad warlock to chase of Lucy’s husband and that took its toll on them. And they had some financial issues too because Alexander was used to a more expensive lifestyle. But after all, they were happy. Until that terrible accident that happened at her sister-in-law’s place.
Only one day after her husband Darren’s death, there was a fire at Cassandra’s place. All the guests could escape, but Cassandra was trapped. Alex and Lucy were there, but there was nothing they could do.

The damage was enormous. Luckily Sarah the dog survived.

And there it was that Lucy had to extend her family in another unusual way. Cassandra had left 3 children behind, 2 of which were already in college. The youngest one, Renée, was still a child at the time. Lucy and Alex agreed to move to Cassandra’s place, clean up the mess there, and take care of Renée. In return they would inherit the house and most of the money. Lucy welcomed Renée as it were her own child, and in the future they would really have that bond

Except for the fact that, once grown up into teenagers, Renée and Lucy’s eldest son Guy would be attracted to each other. Lucy is still pretending she doesn’t know about it, not even about the “secret” woohoos in her and Alex’s bed. She knows that there is nothing she can do about it, even though she’d rather see them behave like siblings instead of lovers. Renée has just gone off to college anyway, so she hopes Guy will put get a crush on another girl.

You would almost forget that Lucy and Alex had been engaged for a long time when they finally found the right time to get married. This time Lucy did get her fairy tale wedding, with her little sister Alana and her daughter Martina as bridesmaids.

Lucy wanted to do at least 1 thing in the right order: to get pregnant after a wedding (even though she already had 2 kids and a stepdaughter/niece). Her prayers were answered.

She even had 2 of them: the cute twin boys Tom and Jonas. Maybe it is a good thing that the other children are about to go to college, there is enough work to do without all these teenagers in the house!

So, life did not always turn out as expected. Lucy had her big family, but in a more unconventional way than she would have expected: 1 son with her (deceased) ex-husband, 1 daughter and 2 twin boys with her husband the warlock, and 1 niece she raised as her own daughter. And we will keep the talk about her half-siblings for another time.
Would she have agreed on this scenario if she’d known before? Probably no. Has it turned out to be a bad thing? Absolutely no. She had her dream wedding in the end, her eldest son Guy is a wonderful teenager, and so is Martina. She is proud of Renée, who has adapted to her new family in a fantastic (although a bit too intimate with Guy) way and will now spread her wings. She loves her family, as weird and chaotic as it might be.
Although, there is one secret she discovered about Alexander that she just found out:

To be continued...
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Default Jacquet – Delarosa: Evelien looking for a father figure
What happened before:
Florence Delarosa made her flower shop a successful business and found the love of her life with Addison Macarevich, Lucy’s ex-husband. He died not much after their wedding of flower poisoning.
Florence found solace in her friend Gilbert Jacquet from J’Adore Bakery. Even more than that: she found love again. Gilbert’s mother Denise insisted they get married soon and the child Florence was already pregnant with be raised as a Jacquet. They moved away from Bluewater Village to a bigger house in Pleasantview, where Florence started a new flower shop.
After the birth of little Evelien, they did not have to wait too long before little sister Anneleen was born. When Denise died, Gilbert sold the bakery and got a job as an athlete.

Household members
Gilbert and Florence Jacquet – Delarosa
Evelien & Anneleen Jacquet

Evelien is talking to Lucy at the Beare family’s place. She was invited there by Nele and Inge Beare, the 2 kids of the house who are more or less her age. Lucy is important to her, she and her son Guy are the only ones giving her answers about her father.

It was pretty clear that she and Guy were related. They had already noticed at school how much they looked alike. Guy also invited her to their family gatherings now and then. There were no secrets in that house: Guy knew Alexander was not his real father but nobody actually cared, he didn’t feel treated differently from his other siblings.

Gilbert, on the other hand, has always been quite cold to her. Yes, he used to feed her as a toddler when she was hungry. But he was not a loving father at all.

Not that he was such a loving and playful father for her sister Anneleen, but still, at least he smiled when he was holding her.

Not that she looked so much like him, but at least she was his biological child and she looked like his wife, not like a total stranger.

Her mom doesn’t like to tell too much about her biological father. Evelien got to know however that she was already dating him when he was still married to Lucy Burb. It was actually Lucy who told her. Not in a bitter way, in the end she was happy that they had both found love again.

As soon as her dad had divorced Lucy, he got married to her mom. It was a quite intimate wedding in the garden of her house in Bluewater Village, where she had her first flower shop. There were not many people from Pleasantview, except for Angela and her husband Jimmy. They were always the first to get to know new people and to attend weddings.

Sometimes Florence still tells her about her first flower shop now and then, about how she loved it but left it behind to move to a bigger place with her growing family. She does not go much into detail, for Evelien the picture is not clear. She imagines now and then what it must have looked like, not sure if it is even close to what it must have been in real life.

For her dad the house was a curse: he probably died of an allergic reaction caused by a certain type of flower in the shop. It was never clear what exactly happened, but at some point the Grim Reaper took him away right in front of the fence.

Gilbert was her friend at the time and came by to keep her company. One moment, they realized the attraction between them, even though they tried to fight it.

Evelien does not believe that Gilbert actually loved her mom, but that he felt the need to protect her as a friend. And his mother Denise was pushing him to get married anyway. Even though another one of his one-night-woohoo’s was still in the house when Florence arrived, he proposed to her.

They arranged it quite quick, without any wedding party. Denise wanted her son to give the child his name, to keep up appearances of course, so they had no time to wait. She was to only one there to see her son get married. They moved out soon after, out of Bluewater Village, to Pleasantview. Away from all these memories.

Evelien misses Denise a lot. She died when Evelien was still a little girl, but she has vague memories of her as a real grandmother. She suspects that Denise considered her more a grandchild than Gilbert considered her his daughter.

Not everything was bad. When she was a child, they had some fun parties in their big house.

Her mom also really loved her sister and her, she loved taking care of them when she was not working in her new flower shop. Even Evelien must admit that Florence looked happy here at the birthday party for Anneleen.

And Gilbert looked a little happier and less cold after he had sold his bakery (which was already practically closed all the time) and found a job in the athletics career. Maybe he was only a team mascot but at least he didn’t feel the pressure anymore to comply to his mother’s standards.

So maybe Evelien will find her way to have peace with her past and she will be able to enjoy a normal adolesence, she will enjoy all her “first times” with a boyfriend (will Jonathan Broke from this picture actually be the one, or will she prefer the more exotic Järi Ipsen?)

Or will things falls apart again? Her mom’s marriage seemed to have stabilized a little bit, she stayed with Gilbert no matter how much he cheated on her, also now that they are elders. But now he discovered her being too intimate with Alexander at a party at the Ipsen family. Saddest part: Lucy was there too.

Apparently the ties between the Goths and the Jacquets are even tighter than it seemed at first sight…
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Default Lilith Pleasant: what’s next?
What happened before:
Lilith went to college and was happy to leave her parents’ house. She continued her relationship with Dirk and got engaged. After graduation they moved in together: first in an apartment, where son Youenn was born, then they moved to Downtown. They had a quiet life there with their son and their dog Raymond. They moved back to Pleasantview when Youenn was a teenager.

Just when she thought her life was back on track, she suffered a terrible loss...

Lilith is taking her dog Raymond for a walk in the park. It is a nice day, some people are playing chess. She loves the athmosphere in the park, it keeps her mind from overthinking her lonely future.

"What will be next?" Is a question she has asked herself a lot lately, since she lost Dirk.

Why did he have to be so stupid to burn the leaves in the garden instead of just throwing them in the garbage bin?

She is alone now. Her son Youenn is in college, he is almost a grown man. He comes to visit her sometimes, but he has his own life like every young adult is supposed to have.

She has never really loved another man since high school, and even though they were “exploring other options” at university, they always ended up together again.

It was so romantic when he proposed to her. Not that she was really into that marriage stuff at the time, she just knew she wanted to be with him forever.

Their wedding was just a little ceremony as a part of little Youenn’s birthday party. They didn’t really care about it, they already had each other.

And yes, they did have their problems in their marriage. At some point, she caught her husband having an affair with Jane Stacks, a college drop-out from their generation. He confessed that it was not a one-time thing.

Lilith herself had her little fling with the much younger Lassad Broke, a frat boy at the time. It was not more than that: a little fling. She had more of them when she was younger, but all of these lovers were romance Sims looking for their next conquest. She knew that she had nothing to expect from them and they knew she would never leave Dirk.

Dirk gave her peace after all. Her made her feel like she did matter. That was what she needed after her turbulent teenage years. He made ease things with her parents and encouraged her to let them see their grandchild. She managed to reconcile with her father. She would never be good friends with her mother again, but she actually was a good grandmother to Youenn.

And with Angela? Well, they will probably never be friends. They both have their own lives, sometimes they meet at outings with mutual friends, like Dina Goth (Caliente).

At least they do not fight any more like they still did in college (oh my gosh, she is so happy there are no pictures anymore of this, or at least she hopes so!).

In college she had at least on triumph over Angela: she was the one that graduated Cum Laude, not the eternal perfect girl Angela who had been too busy in her sorority.

Not that she was the most studious girl on the campus, she had her fun too in the secret society ????

But that is all in the past. Not she is alone with her dog, playing the piano and inviting some friends over now and then.

Last night she invited over her recently divorced friend Castor Nova. They had some fun together. But will it be enough for her to get over Dirk?

Because whatever happens, his ghost will always be in their house.
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Default Dina’s wedding: 4th time ‘s a charm?
What happened before:
Dina had Mortimer’s baby: a boy named Gabriele. They got married afterwards. When Mortimer died, she inherited the fortune and got remarried with SSU frat boy Ashley Pitts, with whom she had 2 daughters: Veerle and Giorgiana. Ashley died from a falling satellite right before the girls went off to college.
Gabriele has moved back in with his fiancé and later wife Sharla Ottomas. They have a daughter Lorena. Dina is engaged for the 4th time in her life, but her marriage will make the family ties even more complicated…

Family members:
Dina Goth
Gabriele Caliente, son of Dina & Mortimer
Sharla Caliente (previously Ottomas), Gabriele’s wife
Lorena Caliente, daughter of Sharla & Gabriele

Dina is standing in her bedroom and realizes she is a happy woman. Life is good. Her career has been going well lately, she has a beautiful granddaughter and she is getting married again.

She has worked in the garden until late in the evening to make everything ready for her big day. She feels good about it, about everything actually, even though she was scared to give in to her new love and she tried to push it away.

Yes, dating your daughter-in-law’s older brother is not the easiest choice to make, and certainly not to communicate to your family. But she and David have so much fun together, and he seems like the first man who does not consider her a trophy wife.

And so, after one more night of sleep, the big day has finally arrived! So yes, she is going to get married. She was a bit reluctant to tell her son Gabriele about it, and the rest of her friends and family. But actually everybody seems happy for her and they have all come to celebrate with her. Nina and Sharla are the bridesmaids. Especially the fact that Nina said yes, meant a lot to Dina. They have finally closed their chapter of drama and jealousy.

So now David has moved in immediately. It is a bit weird for him too to become his sister’s “stepfather-in-law”. And he was afraid of what the neighbors would think too, but his love for Dina was too strong. Very much to Dina’s relief, he at least gets along very well with Brandi, one of her oldest friends.

And her son Gabriele likes him too. Of course they have known each other for a while, they are brothers-in-law.

She gets along quite well with Sharla, too. In the beginning she was quite skeptical of this relationship. Didn’t she come from a rather poor family with 6 children? Wasn’t she chasing after Gabriele’s fortune? Gabriele had to tell her that Sharla was not like her. That hit her, that even her son called her a gold digger. But maybe he was right. Because look at it: that Ottomas family turned out to have some other likeable members, too ????

Anyway, it seems that Sharla has to share some news, too.

Is there a little brother or sister on the way for this cute little girl Lorena?

Finally it seems like Dina is free from drama. Her daughters are off to university. They can continue their drama there. Veerle is into Romance just like her dad Ashley used to be. Even at her mom’s wedding she will catch a guy.

Giorgiana is even already engaged, to Colin Pleasant. Dina likes him a lot, she had a nice talk with him a while ago when he came over to see Sharla, with whom he was friends in college.

Gabriele is doing well as a shop owner, she hopes he will hire a manager and open a 2nd one too. He is definitely doing better than when she tried to start a business with Ashley.

Dina wonders whether she has changed or not. It has been a while since she broke up Don and Cassandra in less than one minute after their wedding ceremony. She was so young at the time.

Or her marriage to Ashley, with whom she had an affair while he was still a frat boy and Mortimer was still very much alive. In her defense, Mortimer having an affair with her sister Nina was the most humiliating thing she’s ever had to endure from a man. And then hasn’t mentioned yet his cheating on her with Angela, who was only a sorority girl back then. Wasn’t that a good excuse for her to see a frat boy? She was just a pretty girl to Mortimer after all, to divert him from getting older.

Or when she made things weird between her former stepson Alexander and her, that one night she was at his place. Ashley had cheated on her again and Alexander thought he had lost Lucy forever. Things have never been the same again since. She just nods at him politely when he comes to visit his half-brother Gabriele, but it is has become too awkward to actually talk to him.

Is she really not the same person anymore? She is not sure. After all, she had another romance with a younger man between the death of Ashley and her engagement with David. Who would have thought she would ever woohoo Don Lothario’s son? She just wants to make sure her daughters never find out, since they both liked (or still like) him too.

Anyway, some time has past since all this has happened. She has done some stupid things in her life, but that's in the past. Will she finally have met the love of her life? It seems so, at least David adores her. She is pretty sure he is not into his money (he will not get any), and, as far as she still believes in these things, he will be faithful to her.
Time will tell if the family ties will be held together…
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