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How to: Custom Careers in Zerbu's Mod Constructor
Hello all,

With the online career constructor down, I figured out Zerbu's Mod Constructor program, and have whipped up some super straightforward tutorials showing you how to make a basic career:
  1. Custom Career: First Steps
  2. Setup for Testing your Mod
  3. Add Levels
  4. Add Reward Objects

(Anyone know how to add things to the MTS Tutorial Wiki? Or the forum sticky? I couldn't find a tutorial I liked, so I made one.)

The next thing to work on will be a tutorial for promotion requirements, and unlockable interactions, which i should get done later in the week if I don't wander off. But I hope this is good & useful to begin with!

(And more experienced ModHumans, some of the tutorials I've popped some questions at the bottom of the posts - this is first and foremost, my notebook of what I did and how so that Future Me can remember, so I've made notes of parts of the MC that I do not understand to test in future. I welcome comments here or there if you already know!)

(Less experienced ModHumans, I'm happy to try and answer questions - especially about parts of my tutorials that are unclear - but bear in mind I am also very amateur and might not know the answer either! )
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3rd Mar 2022 at 5:19 AM
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