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World of Warcraft Challenge
The Warcraft Challenge

To start your journey create your character. You must choose what race and class you would like your character to be. This will greatly affect your gameplay.


Night Elves are lovers of nature and as such must always have the lifestyle trait "loves the outdoors". Additionally they can only purchase wood furnishings.
Blood Elves are a proud and noble race and when making one you should give them either "neat" or "snob" lifestyles. Blood elves prefer to decorate with red and gold furnishings. Mandatory hookah lounge
Draenei are survivors and it's primarily thanks to their ambition! When creating a draenei be sure to make them ambitious. They have a habit of collecting gems and tend to hoard them about their homes.
Dwarves are confident, handy and social and you may choose from any number of traits that represent these qualities! They take pride in their craftsmanship and prefer to furnish their homes with things they've made themselves.
Orcs are battle hardy and ferocious by nature. Their dwellings typically consist of mud huts, spikes and pig manure making the 'slob' trait ideal for them.
Gnomes are highly intelligent and inventive. They furnish their homes similar to humans with the exception their dwellings tend to be smaller and cluttered with gears and parts.
Tauren are wise and peaceful and focus more on preservation than anything. Their tribemates and family members are very important to them making 'family oriented' a must have trait. They prefer wooden and homemade items.
Undead are the raised dead, given another chance at life. These sims cannot die from age. (Get your youth potions ready) They also cannot have children, but may adopt.
Humans are creative and intelligent and like to live in large cities with other humans, alongside dwarves and gnomes. If you play a human you must marry another race resulting in a mixed race child to play as on your second generation.
Pandaren are cheerful, peaceful and like taurens are more focused on maintaining peace than fighting. These sims will always have the 'foodie' trait. Panderen will always decorate their dwellings in an Oriental fashion.
Trolls live in large tribes typically near water. Tropical styles should be used for trolls. "child of the islands" should be the main traits for trolls but if you don't have that expansion feel free to replace with 'loves outdoors'. Trolls can only use candles and torches for lighting.
Goblins, like gnomes are incredibly intelligent and enjoy tinkering however, unlike gnomes they are money hungry and are always looking to make a buvk. These sims must have the materialistic trait.

Now that you have a race picked out you'll need to choose a class.


Hunters will always have at least 2 pets and most of your sims focus will go towards your pets. Hunters will always have pet related aspirations and must breed their pets
Paladins Must have a popularity aspiration and the 'good' trait. These sims tend to want to help other sims more and should choose careers in the medical field. Paladins must always donate the most amount of simoleons they can as soon as their donation buff goes away
Warlocks must choose an occult aspiration and can only cook with a cauldron. additionally they spend far too much time dwelling in occult stuff and will have a hard time maintaining relationships with non occult sims
Druids must choose a nature aspiration and must have a garden. All of the druids income must come from gardening and they will also only eat what they grow
Monks must choose a food aspiration and can only use the bonsai tree and yoga stool for entertainment. on top of that they must own a bar and practice mixology
Rogues: must choose a deviance aspiration and can only have criminal careers. These sims also need to be kleptomaniacs and can swipe objects.
Mages must choose an occult aspiration. These sims can only use books for fun and must buy a new book as soon as they finish one.
Warriors must choose an athletic aspiration and can only exercise for fun. additionally they don't mind sleeping on the floor so give them sleeping bags instead of bed.
Shamans must choose a nature related aspiration and can only make income from breeding frogs.

Game rules:
Once you start out with your character you must move onto a small lot and use your 20k simoleons to build your garrison. Don't stop building until you run out of funds. Be sure to add a fence, trees and more! Once your garrison is built you can start on your gen 1 legacy.
Aging must be enabled but youre welcome to use the long lifespan.
After you've completed your aspiration you are able to marry and have children. Once your child reaches the toddler phase you can no longer play your original sim and your child becomes your focus. Once your gen 2 reaches teen age you must choose a class for them and should begin to work on continuing the legacy for 5 entire generations.

Side-note: It's recommended that you create some npc's for this challenge that fit the theme. I created 65, but you definitely won't need that many xD

Also i'd really love to hear from you guys about this challenge. what are your thoughts? Do you plan on trying it and if so post screenshots for us! ╰(*°▽°*)╯
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Saving this for a future playthrough!
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