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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
IlexShould Have Been: Bookshelves (Overrides)
IelzitoFunctional Mrs. Crumplebottom Interactions! (F.MC.I) (Global Mods)
rz4everTS1 to TS2 - the Hatfield Home - no CC (Residential)
Emma4ang3lMy little pony paintings_recolored (Decorative)
TheRhodesDragon scales (Tattoos)
NyluxPsychiatrist Career (Careers)
Seba569003Goth Manor from The Sims 1 (Residential)
LeisureLiMorphiate into Scarecrow (Permanent) (Overrides)
Paultje013Wildlifeserie 2 : The Elephant #3 (Decorative)
QueenJHLifeguard Career (Careers)
ebscozThe Pink Milk Hoodie: A CC creation by ebscoz (Party Wear)
Jane466More Drama Please! (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
KingWitchWitchings - Silver Spellcaster UI (Overrides)
KasuRequiemScalloped Tube Top (Underwear)
AglarannaThe Peter Steele Collection (Decorative)
NatiX13Missing Teens Posters (Decorative)
uuqvEnhanced Good vs. Evil Traits (Traits)
adelino1951Playable Super Mario Party (Miscellaneous)
CD Cyber DragonTWRP and NSP Shirts for All Genders! (Everyday)
fridabrown130 Sim Lane - Interior Makeover - No CC (Residential)
RubyRed2021Holiday Home Top (Residential)
DuniaDuniaNo more cheap Simmies (Overrides)
Silvar XViirusilmät - Set of Slit Eyes (Eyes)
OhCrapItsTBGPMy Organized Mods Folder For TS3! (Miscellaneous)
NeonPlumbBohemian Bungalow Renovation [CC-Free] (Residential)
monaca32[Vintage Glamour Stuff]*No butler idle pose (Overrides)
sappysimsNo-Romance Marriage Mod (Miscellaneous)
RedRose190(TS2) Japanese School - Sakura Academy - NO CC VERSION (Community)
CoraxBookstore – No CC (Community)
Byt3sRoommate Satisfaction (Miscellaneous)
itskingfalcon'Fuvwara' - Fountain Set (Decorative)

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