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Default Is it possbile to create a mod for an officiant for a wedding?
I'm new to modding, and my idea for this mod might be a bit too hard or stretch for me.

I want to create a mod that allows for an officiant for a wedding. I want the sims getting married go under a wedding arch and the officiant conduct a ceremony. I've seen videos using zerbu's mod constructor to make an event, which I think I could do. But I don't know where to get started. I know I need to do these things for the mod to work (I think): Custom officiant NPC, hire a role for the event, custom animations (for the officiant and sims getting married), custom interactions (sims talk to officiant, officiant doing ceremony, wedding arch). I know this maybe (but most likely) too advanced for skill set. How can I do this? What can I do to gain experience in modding? Thanks!
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It would require editing the files manually, MC will not be able to handle all of this as it's made for simple mods, not ones with more advanced features. Also if you intend to override the EA wedding event, MC can't do that either. I have two paths to recommend. The first, the main one I recommend doing, is making other mods or other simple features related to this mod first. This includes overrides first, then regular custom interactions, traits, buffs, etc. once you are comfortable with overrides. This will allow you to learn how files work and so that when you are comfortable you can start attempting parts of your mod. I recommend doing the animations last because they are their own thing and can be quite difficult to get working.
The second path I only recommend if you are a fast learner and good at taking things apart, and that's to open the EA wedding files and see how they work. Or make an event first in MC, export, see how it works, then apply that knowledge to the EA wedding files to see what you need to edit. It would be better to do the first one because there are a lot of files involved and it can be overwhelming without prior experience.

Here are some resources:

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