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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
zachjohnunlimitedFreeTime Recreation Center Renovated - No CC (Community)
FinnbloodedSpamton T-Shirt - Be a [BIG SHOT] - Deltarune (Everyday)
BosseladyTVBetter Lot Trait - Cat Friendly (Traits)
CubiertoDeFlores«Little journey» holiday tradition (Miscellaneous)
nicebryceRidicuslouly Expensive Lot Prices (Overrides)
A&NCreations1 Guildford Road (Residential)
CervidaeSims190 Sim Lane (Residential)
atillathesimPregnancy Moods (Overrides)
TatsuSimsTRON Sam Flynn's Container House (Residential)
MokunoidTalk While Eating (Script & Core Mods)
FoxInBootzSoftpines (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
PierogiPLS.T.A.R. Labs Sweatshirt (Everyday)
icmnfrshThe Sims 2 Hood Duplicator: Duplicate neighborhoods in just a few clicks! (Windows only) (Programs and Utilities)
purefoysgirlWhyHelloSims (Purefoysgirl) Base Game Adult Punk Jacket Converted for Children (Outerwear)
zwierzeLOKI - Ceremonial Armor from Thor (2011) (Formal)
HexeSimsNight-Time Legal Secretary Career (Careers)
prosperousanusRecolor's of BlueChiliPepper's Tokonoma Floor's - Platforms for Nooks and Alcloves (Surfaces)
windyfrickeFunctional floor bed. (Comfort)
OhRudiStore Tropical Aquarium Edit (Hobbies)
ultimatesheepThe Sims 2 Raccoon pet (Animals)
KnightAnnoyances Disabler (Script & Core Mods)
JochSims mods updater (Programs and Utilities)
lollolliesCaliente Casino and Boardwalk (Community)
capribtch(No CC) 3t2 731 Bella Vista Drive from Monte Vista (Residential)
AnitneOpen/Closed Sign Default Replacement (Decorative)
SolitaryBlueLonger Romantic Drink Moodlet (Overrides)
MspigglypoohChoco Cottage (Residential)
Aleki37Happiness is Yellow (Overrides)
Gifappel10 Barton Bluff Cape Garner Islands [2bed; 1 bath] (Residential)
antoninkoRiverside Lot Recreation - 9 Old Hollow Street (Roberts Family) (NO CC) (Residential)
ShaoXingJiu Sims4Toddler Jamie Hair 24Colors (Both Genders)
PJSimsPostal Mod - Send Mail to Your Sims (Script & Core Mods)

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