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Default Sim Berries challenge
Sim Berries challenge
A colorful legacy challenge themed after in-game harvestable berries.

1. Each generation is signified by an in-game berry, try to include as much of its designated color scheme in your sim’s appearance and home.
2. You may assign any trait that has a noticeable amount of the gen’s theme color in their icon (over three traits and custom traits allowed!). For example, the “Mean” trait icon makes sense for Strawberry (red) and Cowberry (white), but the droplets of spit aren’t enough to qualify for Blueberry (blue). Rainbow gen traits need at least three colors in their icon.
3. To complete a generation you need to finish at least one aspiration from the assigned category and reach the top of one career as well as accomplish their special task.

Color Scheme: Green (unripe)
Aspiration: Nature
Career: Gardener OR Conservationist
Possible Traits: High Maintenance, Bookworm, Maker, Child of the Islands, Erratic, Green Fiend, Loves Outdoors, Materialistic, Recycle Disciple, Squeamish, Vegetarian, Insider, Jealous
Special Task: Complete the frog collection.

Color Scheme: Blue
Aspiration: Family
Career: Critic OR Writer
Possible Traits: Gloomy, Goofball, Child of the Ocean, Kleptomaniac, Loves Outdoors, Family-oriented, Perfectionist
Special task: Must have twins for the next generation.

Huckleberry + Muckleberry
Color Scheme: Purple
Aspiration: Knowledge
Career: Engineer OR Tech Guru
Possible Traits: Genius, Bookworm, Paranoid, Creative, Dance Machine
Special Task: Double heirs! Both need to finish an aspiration and max a career. You may choose whose child you’d rather be the next heir.

Color Scheme: Pink
Aspiration: Location
Career: Style Influencer OR Social Media
Possible Traits: High Maintenance, Unflirty, Adventurous, Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Freegan, Mean, Proper, Self-Absorbed
Special Task: Climb to the top of Mt Komorebi.

Color Scheme: Red
Aspiration: Romance
Career: Doctor OR Painter
Possible Traits: Hot-Headed, Goofball, Romantic, Self-Assured, Art Lover, Childish, Lactose Intolerant, Lazy, Snob, Evil, Mean
Special Task: Marry a sim with at least one opposite trait (“Opposites Attract” sentiment).

Glow Orb
Color Scheme: Yellow
Aspiration: Fortune
Career: Astronaut OR Secret Agent
Possible Traits: Goofball, Hot-Headed, Art Lover, Foodie, Ambitious, Clumsy, Loner, Self-Absorbed, Child of the Islands
Special Task: Visit Sixam, Sylvan Glade AND Forgotten Grotto.

Color Scheme: Brown
Aspiration: Athletic
Career: Detective OR Military
Possible Traits: Romantic, Self-Assured, Animal Enthusiast, Dog Lover, Glutton, Green Fiend, Recycle Disciple, Snob, Bro, Good, Hates Children, Outgoing, Loner
Special Task: Complete fossil collection.

Noxious Elderberry
Color Scheme: Gray
Aspiration: Deviance
Career: Criminal OR Politics
Possible Traits: Gloomy, Maker, Cat Lover, Freegan, Neat, Slob, Insider, Noncommittal
Special Task: Become enemies with your child, the next gen’s heir.

Cow Berry
Color Scheme: Black & White
Aspiration: Popularity
Career: Entertainer OR Law
Possible Traits: Active, Geek, Music Lover, Kleptomaniac, Slob, Evil, Noncommittal, Family-oriented, Vegetarian, Lactose Intolerant, Mean
Special Task: Save a sim from death.

Emotion Berries
Color Scheme: Rainbow
Aspiration: Creativity
Career: Civil Designer OR Acting
Possible Traits: Cheerful, Creative, Genius, Goofball, High Maintenance, Bookworm, Foodie, Child of the Islands, Dance Machine
Special Task: Have seven children, one for each emotion berry color.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Sim Berries challenge. Given the customizable nature of this challenge, you're welcome to start it all over again… By having the generation after Emotion Berries be Blackberry once more.

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Sorry, isnt this like the Not so berry challenge?
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Originally Posted by RandomizedSimmer
Sorry, isnt this like the Not so berry challenge?

In retrospect I should've probably themed the colors around flowers or crystals or anything other than berries, knowing that NSB is one of the most popular challenges and thus mine will be directly compared with it...
The berry-theme was supposed to be in reference to berry sims, aka rainbow legacies, that were immensely popular in TS3.

The similarity to NSB begins and ends with each generation being themed around a color, that's about it (akin to the less popular Garden Legacy, Bobba Tea legacy, Seven Deadly Sins etc). After completing NSB myself I wanted to create a flexible template for my future rainbow legacies, one without a rigid storyline to follow and without repeating shades (orange and peach, mint and green).

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