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Default Let's build a World Adventures gallery!
Remember the Sims 3 World Adventures? I do. It's the oldest Expansion pack to the Sims 3. So old apparently that most builders have forgotten about it and no longer make builds that can accommodate your wealth of ill-gotten treasures once you've completed all the tombs.

So this challenge here seeks to remedy that situation. Build a lot with the following:

-Start on a 64 by 64 lot
-Set as residential
-Contains at least one "Apartment" (Bedroom and Bathroom with some means of preparing food) for the sim that lives there
-with enough "galleries" to show off the treasures you gathered during your adventuring. You can arrange the galleries by collection type, nationality, or even just put everything in one room, but the whole collection needs space to be shown off. For a complete list of Relics, Look Here:
-A room that contains the Carter's XXL Display case for the Transmorgification of items. You can use the Carter's XXL Display case to display stuff elsewhere, but this one is to be left empty unless Transmorgification is to take place.
-A space for the display of sarcophagi and pushable statues and dive wells. This may or may not be part of the main galleries.

Have fun!
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