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Default Save Sunset Valley 2.0
I've already made a challenge about revamping the town of Sunset Valley, but I think it's in need of a revamp, just like Sunset Valley!

To prepare Sunset Valley for our revitalization effort, start by deleting everything in town EXCEPT the rabbithole lots. Once cleared, you must rebuild the town as per whatever expansion packs you've got. You can build your own, or install from what you've got saved in your lot bin.

If you have the corresponding expansion packs, you must construct or install the following community lots:

World Adventures: Nectary, Chinese Garden, Academy

Ambitions: Junkyard, Laundromat, Consignment Store, Salon, Fire Hall, and at least one Hangout

Late Night: Movie studio Rabbithole.

Pets: Pet Store, Equestrian Center Rabbithole.

Showtime: None, but feel free to install performance venues if you so wish.

Supernatural: Elixir consignment shop. Arboretum, Vault of antiquity, and Gypsy Wagon Rabbitholes.

University Life: Java Hut

Island Paradise: None, but I would recommend installing lifeguard stations on the beaches

Into the Future: None

There also needs to be the following for the town to truly flourish:

-At least one of each of the following community lot types: Library, Fishing Spot, Beach, Small park, Big park, Pool, Gym, Art gallery, and Graveyard.
-At least 30 houses for sims to live in, with at least 20 playable families of various sizes inhabiting said houses.

Have fun and let your creative juices flow!
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