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Default Perfect Properties for Everyone
(This is my first challenge and I would love feedback and will update as soon as I can on a regular basis)

Your parents are pretty wealthy, you grew up in a nice home, surrounded by things and people who love you. As an only child, your parrents addored you, that was until your mother passed away when you were a teenager. After your father remarried your stepmother, she moved in with your now older stepbrother and make you do everything, the housework, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and even your stepbrothers homework! Worst of all, your father does nothing to defend you, he doesn't even notice all the things your step family is doing because he works all the time to fill the hole in his heart from his lost wife.

Your goal in this challenge is to survive the dread of your stepmother and stepbrother as you grow up, eventually you will get enough money from a part time job. You find your passion, flipping houses and creating art that people can live in! (Architect career)
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