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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
zachjohnunlimitedClean Desiderata Valley With Townies (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
diwasimsBase Game Magazine Default Replacements (Miscellaneous)
Helena’s CapriccioFunctional storage boxes from Dream Home Decor (Object Mods)
MichaelDiPuortoMadrigal's Family Tree (Decorative)
Veggpryd67BlandCo Kitchen recolor - Base Game Recolor (Kitchen)
depressedsimmerMiraculous: Lady Bug and Cat Noir posters (Decorative)
KaisoThe Sims 4 Parrot CC Pack (Decorative)
KozsimsHeart With wings facepaint (Makeup)
Moussaieff_IISkysims Hair 202 in Poppet V2 Recolor (Female)
simbouquetUniversity Life Visual Fixes (Send Insulting Text Texting Idle Heat of the Moment Kiss) (Miscellaneous)
simsrsexyCute Toddler Boy Shirts - Set 1 (Sleepwear)
SashaT1804Custom Channels Injector (Programs and Utilities)
PelicasPCApartment Condo Nº1 (Apartments)
SomiktataEvening and weekend study at Sims 4 University (Overrides)
augustgraceJADE PICON (Brazilian Influencer) (Celebrities & Real People)
w0esiesw0esies eyelash set <3 (Makeup)
ReveMatch Last Name for Father and Baby (Script & Core Mods)
bessieSpringport Family house 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms (Residential)
SomeRandomPlumbobPlumbob del Mar - A chillaxing music replacement mod for Sims 3 (Build/Buy/CAS/Map only) (Overrides)
MrLaTayWestlake Tower - 2BR 1BA [CC Required] (Residential)
Taurus DesignBella Living Room (Living)
BelatedMussel11Glass Hen on Nest (Decorative)
itsonlytheePapillons - A BGC Butterfly Print Set (Decorative)

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