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Default The Lot challenge challenge
Willow Hilton walked up to the old dump with her cat nestled in her arms. This is it she quit her job as an assistant manager, and scraped up every cent she could to purchase the property. Equipped with only the basic skills from the city she was ready to begin her own life out in the country. Little did she know the Trouble she would soon face.

Hello this is the every lot challenge challenge where you start with every lot challenge, and work to relieve your game play step by step.

It doesn't really matter if you have 1-8 sims at any age the more you have, the easier the challenges will be. I started with a random click story sim which gave me a sim who was neat (eek), loner and good. but 3 in handiness, 3 in dancing, and 2 in charisma she is in the gallery under mon1496. She started in the business career, but i had her leave it, so it could be like she left the city for dreams of a simple life.

I don’t recommend using any money cheats, but i took a lot of advantage of the debug menu. I went with a super dirty dump with lots of plants and trash. But honestly if you want a simple house that has just received all the curses, that is entirely up to you. (maybe a scorned lover caused this?)

The main thing is add ALL the challenges available to you. If you have vampires/ cats and dogs I also added the dog and cat handout, and the vampire nexus as my main traits.

(also in the gallery under mon1496)

NOTE: if you add lots of large trash/clutter and plants. I would make it have someone max handiness and athletic to remove the large clutter, and someone master gardening to remove plants. Anyone can remove one block trash

This can take you one generation with enough people or potions of youth, but I focus on intense stories, so this could take me awhile. For a longer challenge limit yourself to one challenge per gen

Now begin playing and get rid of the challenges without everyone dying!

How to do it:
Creepy Crawlies (Jungle Adventure): max the Selvadoradian Culture Skill. Have 5 of each of the following at once: Drake's Fire Quencher, Dr. Parker's Spider Repellent, Plasma Bat Bait, Lightning Insulation Powder, and Guzmania Pollenis Flower.

Cursed (City Living) max mischief skill have 5 voodoo dolls. (some fishing spots have them) complete 5 positive interactions on each doll that is assigned to 5 different people. The positive energy will reverse the curse

Filthy (City Living) Master trash! Grow a perfect trash plant. .

Gremlins (City Living) the only thing that scares gremlins is gnomes, so you must buy one of every gnome available to you and surround a perfect quality plant of your choosing. (bonus if it fits your current household) (seasons): make it a holiday and give them all halos to complete this

Grody (City Living) Master cooking, gourmet cooking, and (get to work) baking. (strangerville) The air might be contaminated solve the strangerville mystery to get the spores out of the air

Off-the-grid (Base Game): Reach level 4 mischief and send chain mail letters to 20 different people (this is a beg for people to sign a petition to bring power to your area)
If you have city living: have someone max the politician career to pass a bill to get your area on the grid! If you have Eco living: have a solar panel/dew collector for EACH sim living their fully upgraded (can be removed after trait is gone)

Quake Zone (City Living)- have a sim max their writing skill and write 5 nonfiction bestseller books about earthquake safety, and have a sim max their handiness skill and equip every appliance/plumbing object in the house with the unbreakable upgrade. (stolen from the random legacy challenge it was my favorite goal)

Reduce and Recycle (Eco Lifestyle) Green eco footprint. Must get to the top of the Civil Designer Career a Green Technician you get to decide where trash pick up comes and goes, so you go with your area

Simple Living (Cottage Living) Become best friends with the deliver man so he keeps your fridge stocked. Master the astronaut career to get the alien technology that lets you conjure the ingredients. If you have get to work choose between astronaut and scientist

Spooky (City Living) become good friends with the grim reaper, (get to work) make the ghost goo serum and as a ghost convince the ghosts to leave. (realm of magic) learn to cast Necrocall and Dedeathify And make the potions Potion of Rejuvenation, Potion of Immortality, and Potion of Prompt Resurrection.
Master the paranormal investigator freelance branch
(i don’t have paranormal, but based on my research I thought this would fit)

Volcanic Activity (Island Living). Have someone with the child of the island trait and gain the favor of the island spirits. Also have someone gain the Natural Speaker trait (have your Sim reach the top of the new Conservationist career in the Environmental Manager branch) This will lover global warming to cool the earth/ the spirits won’t be angry anymore to keep causing it

Wild Foxes (Cottage Living):make sure you have all your animals and gardens in a fence with a locked gate. Hire a gardener to keep an eye for them. Shoo Foxes 50 times. Seasons: buy and befriend a patchy to watch over the gardens.

Bonus lot traits:

Cat hangout and Dog hangout: The Animals keep coming for the easy meals! First lock your doors to them then don’t feed them. Go two weeks without any wasted food, so nothing tasty is in the trash. Make sure all your dogs/cats don’t interact with the strays, so that the don’t form relationships (if applicable). The outside ground should be free of piles of trash for two weeks. No food bowls should be accessible by them. Don’t become a companion with any of them you don’t adopt.

Vampire nexus: have someone place a garlic made object (wreath, braid, or garland) in each room, have someone master the vampire lore skill, and cure 3 vampires. After the trait is gone you can remove the garlic objects

(traits can become anything you wish to help out i like gnomes, penny pixies, then maybe geothermal or natural well to help with the bills)

I tried to include all the packs I had and give options if you didn’t have them. I hope you enjoy this challenge!

delivered by my carrier pigeon, Jim Geom.
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Can you post the lot on the gallery?
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Originally Posted by RandomizedSimmer
Can you post the lot on the gallery?

it is the name is The Every lot challenge my ea tag is mon1496

delivered by my carrier pigeon, Jim Geom.
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