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Default Newer Versions of Python with Zerbu Mod Constructor?
Hey everyone.
I have Python version 3.9.7 (haven't upgraded to 3.10 yet), and it is working fine with my Jupyter notebooks. But, I went to export my first mod and Zerbu's Mod Constructor threw the following error:

"The file 'Mods\McMcAllonsy_ExampleTrait\Python/__pycache__/McMcAllonsy_ExampleTrait.cpython-37.pyc' does not exist. This can be caused by selecting the wrong version of Python. If you're sure you have the right version, it may be a programming error.

Python Output:

So, my questions are as follows:

1. Am I just making a simple mistake?
2. Is Zerbu's Mod Constructor only compatible with Python 3.7.0?
3. If so, could I have a legacy version of Python and a current version of Python installed simultaneously?

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Sims 4 itself is only compatible with 3.7, so unless you need 3.9 for some other unrelated project there's no reason to have both, but you should be able to have both installed.

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Thank you
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