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The Future Awaits
This is based on a Survival playstyle....inspired by various Zombies' Challenges...BUT with a TWIST by Simmer Zozo

This is mainly focused on Humans building back up the Society VS the Humans who gave up and started focusing on the Future, replacing Humans with Plumbots.

How to Play: Have two households: One is the Humans who hate the Plumbots because they think they can continue and bring back the Human Society. The second household is ofc Humans and Plumbot(s).

Simple Rules: When scavenging: You go in a group of THREE only. 2 is too little (ok for the first few rounds of playing). 4 people is too many tbh because I always split them into 2 mini groups and that's kinda cheating for me.

Zombies are coming at me: Use the Weapons Mod to phew phew the Zombies. Yes, Plumbots can also carry weapons (change the bullet type to make it different). You may look at the other Zombies Challenges for the Dice Playstyle.

The Battle of the Two: You are going to swap between these two households, or in later parts, switch between the two teams if you have more households to rotate if you want. Some of the lots will have ITF items in them. Such as Plumbots charging stations and ITF shopping (for the parts and gear etc). You will slowly build up MORE ITF stuff in the community lots as you play along. Slowly taking over the human/normal items in the community lots. /// The Full Humans side will try to destroy it. By either getting rid of the creator of the Plumbots or getting rid of the Plumbots themselves too. You can also "detonate" (Ambitions Pack) and destroy the ITF objects or the ITF Community lots area.

How to Win: Make sure the rotation between Teams is the same so everyone is equal. Remember when you IMPROVE the Community Lots, you will have to use YOUR OWN TEAM's MONEY. By using the quick B/B mode using Crtl+Alt while using Testingcheatsenabled ON. This makes it more interesting because NOW money is important in this Survival Zombie Playthrough. Whoever takes over AKA: remove ALL ITF items or have ITF in every Community lot wins. Remember, the more people you have/more lots you took over, the easier it gets

MUST HAVE MODS: This adds an inventory to your backpack! So you can carry only 10 items when you scavenge for materials/food/others. Things which are NOT included in your backpack: Your sleeping bag/tent/your weapon/water bucket if you use Zoe's Off-grid Mod

Advantages of The Humans: Sims can use and wear backpacks. AKA: 3 Sims will equal 30 items to carry and bring back home. Plumbots CANNOT use them.
Disadvantages of The Humans: The Humans Team CANNOT use any ITF items (Items such as Jets/HoverBoards cannot be used by the Humans Side) or be in designated ITF Community lots for hangouts or Safety. Unless it's taken over...

Advantages of The Future Gang: Plumbots can attract zombies and get bitten, BUT they do NOT turn. So having them with you is safer. BUT you will carry fewer items since they cannot use Backpacks.
Disadvantages of The Future Gang: The Future Gang CANNOT be in any main base camp for the Human Team Community Lots for hangouts or Safety. Unless it's taken over...

Extras: The Humans Team CAN use Simbots and use it to destroy the ITF Communities. Since it does NOT belong to the Future, but from the Ambitions Pack.

Extra 2: Build TWO Base Camps, one for the Humans (or Known as the rebels if you want) VS The Future Gang. If you have the store item of the Ticket Booth, you can select "exclude zombies". So your Base Camp is your ONLY safety zone in a form of a Community Lot. Each Base Camp will be built differently.
Humans Base Camp: Contains building skills objects such as the workbench, sculpting, chemistry table and so on. Include extra beds, places to eat and a meeting room. Decorate with University Banners or something distinctive to separate the Team, because it will get confusing when you keep swapping Team or taking over a lot and re-decorating it.
The Future Gang Base Camp: This contains every ITF building skill object. Include ITF beds, places to eat and a meeting room. Decorate with Holographic Banners to separate the team, because it will get confusing when you keep swapping Team or taking over a lot and re-decorating it.

Taking Over Mechanism: Community Lots that CANNOT be taken over are IMPORTANT NEUTRAL LOTS eg: City Hall / Big Park / Festival Grounds. When taken over --> Put 4 team banners around so you know who it belongs to. How to take over --> One Sim must reach level 5 for 1 takeover OR One Sim must reach level 10 for 1 takeover. How to takeover the Opposite Team --> detonate 4 Banners OR 4 times on the Team's Zone if can't destroy the banners (must have a Sim with the detonate skill, level 6 of the Invention skill) + One Sim must reach level 5 for 1 takeover OR One Sim must reach level 10 for 1 takeover.

Still in writing: I May edit/add more to this challenge but this is the main idea of it.

Please check my Site: for the list of Mods you may want to add to make it more realistic

My Website can be found here:
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