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Default That's So Cliché Challenge✨
Hello, hello! As a bored simmer I made up a challenge to have a little bit of fun so, this here Challenge is called "That's So Cliché" as in ya know, clichés! Well not just any clichés,
clichés that are fun and somewhat different than how I usually play so let's get on with it!
Just to be noted, I may change the name of this challenge later if I think of something better, suggestions are much welcomed.
These are based on movie, TV shows and book clichés, ones you know or don't know but of course it wouldn't be a good challenge if I didn't add twists! And boy are there twists!

Rule #1: Follow the cliché provided.
Rule #2: Complete the lifetime Wish and objectives unless the cliché gen states otherwise.
Rule #3: Keep the life stage on normal (Unless you play the Sims 3 then you are allowed to bump up the young adult and adult life stages to 28 days)
Rule #4: Have fun!
Don't be afraid to tag me on tumblr @lordressdragoonbear​ or use #That's So Cliché I'd love to see your Sims and how far you've gotten!

Now on to the challenge!

Generation #1: The Player.

You know the player, the one sim that all the girls/guys love and you don't know why, they are good lookin' but their personality is way off, they dates around, they drink like their life depends on it, they cheat with no interest in the consequences but they look good while doing it! So that's really all that matters, right?

Lifetime Wish: Heartbreaker (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Serial Romantic (Sims 4):

Traits (Sims 3): Virtuoso, Commitment issues, Flirty, Irresistible and Charismatic.

Traits (Sims 4): Music Lover, Romantic and Non-committal.

Skills: Charisma (10), Cooking (7), Music skill of any kind (10) and Handiness (5).

Occupation: Music Career Of Any Kind.

Style: Dark, a little edgy yet cool.

They can only have two children (Both from different women/men) but if you have a mod that allows risky woohoo and you play as a male sim and you get someone pregnant, you don't have to claim the kids but you have to pay 500 dollars for each child as child support every Monday (P.S just buy something on a lot that isn't yours or use a cheat if you don't have mods that allow you to take money away from your funds)

Can't get married, must stay as free as the wind.

Must have one best friend and two enemies (Who you can't date or ever dated!)
Must visit a bar at least twice a week (Probably looking for the next victim---I mean unsuspecting sim ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ)

Can't be a great parent (Or partner).

Has to stay on the same lot until they die.

Generation #2: Damsel/Gentleman In Distress.

Growing up the way that you did you always had the dreams of being saved by a good looking prince/princess who will take you away from the castle (Your parent's house) that has imprisoned you and taken away the freedom you so rightfully deserve!

Lifetime Wish: Surrounded By Family (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Soulmate (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Coward, Unlucky and Over emotional.

Traits (Sims 4): Squeamish, Cheerful And Paranoid.

Skills: Painting (5) and Piano (7).

Occupation: Self-employed.

Style: Pastel, light and inviting.

Marry the first person you date (Preferably someone rich) you cannot get divorced or cheat.

Have as many children as you want but they MUST be from your partner or adoption.

You can only have three other friends besides your sibling and your kids.
Move out only when you get married and be a good parent.

Generation #3: Broody Edgelord.
Your life was going fine, your life was just dandy....until you turned into a teenager and realized how cold and unforgiving the world was, you wish you retained the ignorance of your childhood but of course, that wouldn't happen because the world is just too cruel! and since nobody understands you or your way of thinking you shut them out to protect them from the cruelty of the world around them.

Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim (Sims 3)Aspiration: Renaissance Sim (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Broody, Grumpy, Loner, Dramatic and Night Owl.

Traits (Sims 4): Gloomy, Grumpy and Hot-headed.

Skills: Guitar (10) and Any two skills of your choice.

Occupation: Any job you want until you turn into an adult then you must work in the business career.

Style: Black, black, black and even more black (a little grey and white is okay but mostly black until you're an adult)

Only have a few friends that are similar to or just like you.

Have four past relationships (all before you become an adult) get married to someone who is your opposite.

When you become an adult, you realize that the way you lived was embarrassing so you changed your style, your hair and your career in hopes people would forget about your past.

Raise your children to not be like you.

Have cats.

Generation #4: The Goody Two Shoes.
Growing up in such a lovely environment made you grow up into such a lovely stickler for rules, you do everything (and anything) by the books, you're never mean and if you are, you beat yourself up about it, you love your family and friends! You are just too sickeningly sweet!

Lifetime Wish: Super Popular (Sims 3)

Aspiration: The Positivity Challenge (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Good, Friendly, Social Butterfly, Charismatic and Workaholic.

Traits (Sims 4): Good, Outgoing and Ambitious.

Skills: Logic (10), Charisma (10) and Parenting (10, Sims 4 only)

Occupation: Medical.

Style: Mature, cool and bright.

Date around until you are an adult (Don't be a cheater, just date) and Have a lot of friends.

Have a big wedding when you find that special someone.

Have as many children as you want but you have to adopt at least one.

Adopt two animals (Of your choice).

Generation #5: Diva.
Spoiled? Rude? Acts like royalty? Yup! That's you! You are the apple of everyone's eye and you know it! You walk the walk and talk the talk, you love yourself (maybe a little too much) and you aspire to be the best of the best since that's what you were born to be.

Lifetime Wish: Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Master Actor/Actress (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Diva, Snob, Star quality, Irresistible and Dramatic.

Traits (Sims 4): Snob, Materialistic and Self-absorbed.

Skills: Charisma (10) Any Musical Skill (10) Athletic (5)

Occupation: Acting Career.

Style: Glamorous, over the top, flashy.

Make as many friends as you possibly can but be sure to befriend a lot of celebrities.

Date and marry only celebrities and have at least one ex husband/wife.

Have two kids but don't take much care of them, instead hire a nanny (Butlers work too!) make them take care of the children along with the person you marry.

Live life glamorously and waste money like it's water.

Generation #6: Narcissistic Genius.
Intelligent? Of course you are! You are the smartest person you know! You correct those who think they're right with facts! You are the most logical person in town (self-proclaimed) people think you're rude or annoying because they are intimidated by your intelligence! You never settle for less than what you deserve as that is just not Logical! You believe that only you can show what the sim mind can do once you unlock it's true potential!

Lifetime Wish: Scientific Specialist (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Nerd Brain (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Genius, No Sense Of Humor, Dislikes Children, Snob and Ambitious.

Traits (Sims 4): Genius, Hates Children And Self-absorbed.

Skills: Logic (10) Science (10, Sims 3 only) Rocket Science (10, Sims 4 only) Handiness (7)

Occupation: Science Career.

Style: Nerdy yet chic, never look improper.

Never miss a day of school and get straight A's.

Go to college and graduate.

Have more enemies than friends.

Never befriend another genius (as you are the smartest person you know)

Don't date until you are in your mid young adult years but get married before you're an adult.

Only have two children, the first born must be more like the current heir.

Don't pay attention to the second child as that one is to be the next heir.

Generation #7: Staving Artist.
Art was always your passion but no one has ever seen it that way, your parents would tell you how art isn't a career and you'll never make it in life with these skills, you always felt dejected like you weren't good enough, it wasn't until you were a teenager that you realized that your family was toxic and how you'd be better off without them! You left home as a teen and went to pursue art! Though you don't have any money as long as your have art you're happy, right?

Lifetime Wish: Master Of The Arts (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire (Sims 4)

Trait (Sims 3): Artistic, Hates the outdoors, Snob, Unlucky and Socially awkward.

Traits (Sims 4): Art Lover, Jealous And Materialistic.

Skills: Painting (10) and Guitar (10).

Occupation: Freelancer/None.

Style: Oversized hoodies/tees, sweat pants, overall comfortable cheap clothes.

Have a bad relationship with your family and move out as a teen into a cheap apartment. Only have 100 dollars left after you move out.

Go to college only to drop out a sims week later.

Only eat quick meals until you move out of the cheap apartment.

Don't have many friends and befriend other artists and if they are rude to you once, cut them out because they are toxic.

Marry someone once you become an adult and only have two children after you have been married for two Sims weeks.

Only adopt cats.

Waste your money on useless material goods.

Generation #8: Plain Jane/Average Joe.
Plain is the best way to describe you, you are nothing extraordinary but you're okay with that, you like that you are average, you're okay with having little to no ambitions, you hate change of any kind, you are just plain old you.

Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Academic (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Family-oriented, Friendly, Easily impressed, Schmoozer and Neat.

Traits (Sims 4): Outgoing, Family-oriented and Neat.

Skills: Charisma (10), Cooking (5), Handiness (5) and Athletic (4).

Occupation: Business.

Style: Very plain, neat, upkept, basically don't stick out.

You have very little ambition, you just want to graduate with perfect grades and get a good job.

Live the most average life possible, don't do anything out of the ordinary as that would make you very uncomfortable.

Get married after college and have four children, two boys, two girls.

Have a very average amount of friends, stay away from the wild ones.

Go on vacation every once in awhile with the family.

Don't feel pressured to finish your lifetime wish as most average people give up on their dreams anyway.

Have a very average dog.

Generation #9: Animal Lover.
Since you grew up with a dog you have always loved animals, you think they are all just so cute! You refuse to eat them because that is just plain old cruel! How could people eat such amazing creatures!? Some may say you are obsessed with animals but what do they know?! They are just filthy sims! That is why animals are so much better!

Lifetime Wish: The Ark Builder (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Friend of the animals (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Animal Lover, Loves the outdoors, Unflirty, Vegetarian and Eco-friendly.

Traits (Sims 4): Loves outdoors, Vegetarian and Animal enthusiast.

Skills: Gardening (10), Fishing (10), Riding (7, Sims 3 only), Photograph (5) and Wellness (7, Sims 4 only)

Occupation: Self-employed, Gardener (Sims 3) Own a vet (Sims 4)

Style: Natural, comfortable, basically look like you shop at whole foods and you don't believe in wearing makeup.

Only befriend people with similar traits and beliefs.

Grow your own food, never eat anything that is not locally grown or sustainably sourced.

Marry young then get divorced then once again marry the same person after dating around.

Have three children and scold them if they eat meat.

Adopt as many animals as possible and mourn them for longer than you'd mourn a family member.

Protest all of the time, preferably for animals or the planet.

Generation #10: Villain/Villainess.

As a child you loved to torment your parent by eating meat in their house, your parent (the last gen) hated your behavior while your other parent was too busy rethinking their life, you would always fight with other kids and you genuinely enjoyed their pain, did I mention you love to steal from the rich and the poor? Your parents kicked you out as a teenager as they couldn't deal with your evil deeds anymore, kicked out and alone you decided to burn their house down but didn't want to be arrested, so you joined a gang, who helped you satisfy your cravings for evil.

Lifetime Wish: Emperor Of Evil (Sims 3)

Aspiration: Public Enemy (Sims 4)

Traits (Sims 3): Evil, Mean spirited, Kleptomaniac, Genius and Dislikes Children.
Traits (Sims 4): Evil, Genius And Kleptomaniac.

Skills: Logic (10), Athletic (10) Mischief (10, Sims 4)

Occupation: Criminal.

Style: Grunge and Sinisterly formal (Like most villains do)

Torment your family as a child by fighting with them, eating meat and being overall awful which leads to you being kicked out as a teenager.
Only befriend other criminals and low lives.

Inflict pain upon others just for fun and steal for the heck of it.

Get married young and have three ex spouses, your soulmate must have the good trait.

Be a jerk to everyone around you including your own children but treat your soulmate like royalty.

Have a child with each spouse for child support (if you do not have a nod for it then give yourself 500 dollars for each child every Monday)

Be sure to eventually set your parents house on fire.

And that's the end for now! I will most likely visit this challenge again with more clichés, shoot I might just make a second part with ten more but we'll see!
Anyhoo, I hope you lot enjoy this challenge because I sure know I will!
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