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Maker Challenge (Eco Lifestyle highly recommended)
This challenge is purely for fun so there's no scoring system. Feel free to tweak the rules to fit your own gameplay/packs and mods.

The more packs you have the easier this challenge will be.
The most important pack is eco living but it's possible to do this challenge with only base game (though it will be extremely difficult!!)

The goal is to not use buy mode.

*Start with a YA sim, any traits are acceptable including custom. It's all relative to how difficult you want to make the challenge. Move them into the cheapest lot or apartment, unfurnished, and set funds to 10 (ctrl, shift & c, "money 10" without quotations).
*You acquire furniture through dumpster diving, woodworking, fabricating, buying at the market & stores, klepto trait etc. (NOTE: If buying through stores this can't be a lot you've built yourself as you could simply sell the items you want).
*If you acquire an unusable object through dumpster diving - blacked out - you can sell it (you can always sell anything you make or acquire) or you can chose to place and replace it presuming you have the funds.
*If you acquire a damaged item you can repair it yourself or have someone else do it, you can't simply click to replace it regardless of funds.
*Money is primarily used to upgrade housing (always unfurnished!)
*Upon aging up or having children (and them aging up until the point they move out) you may spend up to 1K on objects presuming you have the funds. (NOTE: You can use aspiration rewards such as the reset life stage potion but you won't get the money for aging up. Also you can't age up children before their time to get the reward sooner. Nor do you get money for your partner aging as they're not part of the bloodline). (((TIP: this money could be used to buy walls and floors or skill items to make it easier to craft items but ultimately it's up to you how you spend it))).
*If you recycled/crafted an item you can buy items through - such as a computer or planter, you can buy those items.
*You can't have a traditional job but you may work odd jobs, freelance or self employed (bar careers that rely on experience over skills such as the interior designer career), including through your own store/{restaurant?} (again gallery so you're not using buy mode to make a cheap one in manage worlds) provided you have the funds and you never click to replace but rather restock through crafting new items.
*To get your needs up without the required household items you can use communal facilities and friends housing assuming they don't kick you out for doing so.
(((You may need to use cheats such as "bb.showhiddenobjects" for the crafted items to show in your inventory and you can use build mode/tool to move items you own))).

To make the challenge easier/harder you could adjust the amount of money you allow yourself to spend upon aging and allot yourself an amount to spend for successes such as kids aging up *well* and getting good grades.
You could also make it harder by not allowing yourself to use mods or CC and/or not allowing yourself to purchase items at all outside of the aging up reward.
Or you could alter the length of life stages (I play on normal for this challenge).

This challenge is a work in process I'm playing with right now.

I've tried to make it simple and easy to absorb so you can start playing right away.
Always open to feedback as long as it's friendly and constructive. Would love to see what you do with this challenge.
Rules are completely flexible, the goal is simply to have fun
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