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Default Audio Giltch Makes The Sound Of The Game Muted Except For TV Channels That Have A Sound
I having this bug 2 times, if you get, i don't sure you get it, also, i tired to fix it, but the only thing you need to do is closing and getting back and if you get again, i was not sure when the audio giltch occurs for you.

Always, i don't have the game muted inculding the Audio Devices and The Windows 11 Audio service is started for about when i was turning on my computer.

However, the game continues to play the audio of TV Channels, but it's very loud.

There a fix on it?
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Default No Longer Needed To Fix It
It's a temponary bug that i can find it in Simsville (A Custom World From The Sims 1) neighborhood in The Sims 3, now i will no longer fix this!
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