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Default Positive Feedback for the UI Updates
I just wanted to compliment y'all on the changes made to the compatibility and fav creator filters, and especially for that mini tutorial that walks one through the changes. It's so slick. The writing was easy to follow and understand, the little slider you used was *chefs kiss* a joy to click through, and the update itself is very welcome. Having favorite creators actually means something now, with that easy-access tick-box. Thanks for your hard work bringing this old site into the modern era!
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Thanks for the great feedback! It really does help I'm using the "tourguide" in other places too, I love it! This particular change to the compatibility was made because I went to use my own site and though "Wow, this is really clunky", and if I (someone who uses the site every day) finds it clunky then chances are others do too. Hence the changes!

Glad you like it too

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