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Default 'Clue/Cluedo’ Challenge
This is my old challenge from my blog. This challenge is like the original game of Clue / Cluedo.

You are the investigator who watches your Sims 'Suspects' without controlling them and have to find out who murdered Mr. Boddy.

1. Like the original game, it is recommended to build a classic mansion with the same layout of the classic board game.
You will have to add bathrooms and bedrooms, since the game is not going to be short.
I suggest making a second floor to place the bedrooms and the bathrooms.

2. Create 6 suspects. They can be similar or slightly different from the original characters. But they must be 3 men and 3 women like the original story. (You can change their original age if you want to. For example, I can make Mrs. White Young Adult instead of Elder).

3. The next thing you need to do is to make 'Evidence List' using a wheel spin. In the wheel spin you need to write down all the names of the rooms, murder weapons, and what actions has been made after the murder. (for example, made a drink, used the phone, spoke to suspect. At least 4 actions.)
Write down all the results on a notepad or a paper.
This 'Evidence List' is telling you the following:
* In which room Mr. Boddy was found
* What weapon they used
* What actions the suspect did after the murder

A few examples of how the Evidence List should look like:
Mr. Boddy was found lifeless in the kitchen.
The suspect used a Candlestick.
The suspect spoke to Miss Scarlett and went to the library room.
They then played a chess game and went to sleep after everyone else.

Second example:
Mr. Boddy was found lifeless in the Lounge room.
The suspect used a revolver.
The suspect made dinner and was alone in the dining room.
They did something in the Hall room and was looking for someone in the Lounge room.

When the Evidence List is ready you're ready to play.
You can't control the suspects by any means, set autonomy to full and watch them. You have to find the main suspect who murdered Mr. Boddy.
How you found them? Simple, by watching them doing the exact things written in your Evidence List!
If the main suspect spoke to a specific suspect, for example Mrs. Peacock. that means Mrs. Peacock is innocent and she is out of your suspects list.
Once your main suspect has done everything that is written on your Evidence List, it means that this suspect is the murderer and you have successfully completed the challenge.

Put objects in all the rooms, objects that the Sims can use either for fun or for knowledge.
This is my favorite challenge so far and i would like to read your opinion on this. It will be an honor to see your screenshots trying this challenge!
Thank you.
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