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Default Why are edges so jagged?
I built my own gaming PC just for TS3 and I have noticed a huge difference, but I'm not pleased with the graphics compared to my former laptop. The laptop I had was not even for gaming, but the edges were smooth and no pixel in sight. So, now that I have better hardware I thought = better graphics. I have tried antialiasing in the regular nvidia control panel and nvidia inspector. I have tried all kinds of settings on and off and it seems that turning them on, overriding, and enhancing only makes it worse.

I have edge smoothing on max.

Monitor - Pixio PX248 Prime Advanced 1920 x 1080p 144Hz

Here are my specs - ... sp=sharing

If you look close enough you should see what I'm talking about. You might not see anything wrong, but I pay very close attention to details because I'm picky. The jaggedness in shadows are much more visible, but walls, doors, windows, objects, and sims are a little harder to spot.

I took more than one photo - ... sp=sharing
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you mean like this?

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