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Default Q about the Rules
If there was going to be a notable creator hosting a live online creation workshop on a discord this weekend, would it be permissible to post an invitation link on MTS, and where would be the appropriate place to do so?

While some might call that advertising... I think of it more like, a living, breathing tutorial, where someone is willing to share their knowledge and experience with people interested in learning and expanding their creator knowledge, that could pick up a few things and get them on the path to building brand new content for the TS2 community. It's live, so it's interactive. Participants can ask questions and get help immediately. It's not about expanding the traffic or generating advertisement revenue or anything like that. It's all about creators sharing their know-how with those who may be looking to learn, but due to the age of the game, maybe there's not as much help as they might need to feel comfortable with getting started, to become a creator for the TS2 community. So more like, community service!

The benefit is the growth and expansion of the modding community on our favorite game. There's meshers, modders and builders who are very capable and willing to share the information they've discovered over the years, and we're more than happy to provide a platform for others who may be interested in sharing their talents, knowledge and skills, as well. Sooo... can i share that?

Thanks in advance!!

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Unfortunately, the Event has passed...

But I would still love to have an answer to this question! Even if it's "No, F- off!" ...Because we had a really great event today, with attendees ranging from the famous to the baby-steppers... There's nothing quite as satisfying as hearing that "Aha!!" moment, when something finally falls into place for a CC creator, and they say, "Omigosh! It worked!! You don't know how long I've been trying to do this!!"

I am super-hopeful that, as a result of our Workshop (today and in future Workshops to come), there will be loads more CC in the TS2 Community in the very near future! And who doesn't want that?
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Might help to ping some of the admins

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I see no reason why not? I'm just unsure of the best place for it. It's not advertising per se, but I think maybe in the sims 2 discussion forum? As players and creators hang out there. And maybe players what to become creators?
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