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Default All CC turned into packageinfo files?
Hi! I'm a regular Sims 4 mod user and have never encountered something like this. I played the game like usual for a few hours earlier, then closed out of the game like normal. When I opened it again, all of my mods were gone. I located them in my PC's search function by searching "*.package", but everything has turned into a file type called "PACKAGEINFO file" and I'm not sure what to do from here. My script mods work fine, but all CAS and build mode items have turned into an info file. I repaired the game, checked that all mods are enabled in settings, restarted my computer, and I am still having this issue. I deleted the mods folder, cleared cache, and checked my computer's download history to find some of the mods.

A lot of mods I have downloaded are from years ago and I cannot find them online again. Do I just accept defeat and go on a CC shopping spree, or is there anything I can do to recover the files? Thanks so much in advance! Let me know if more info is needed and I will happily provide it! Also, I attached an image of one of the files for reference. Sorry if anything is weird, I'm on mobile and don't know my way around forums very well!
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File formats shouldn't just randomly change like that, have you scanned your computer for viruses recently? That's really the only thing that came to my mind.

You can also try if renaming the .packageinfo part into .package changes it back to the correct format and if the file then works. If it does then you'll just have to rename them all.
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Sounds like you have accidently changed the file association with the .package files to .packageinfo Just google "Change File Associations" and you should be able to get it sorted.
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