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Default Thoughts on Stacked Lots?
Hi everyone!

I recently found this tutorial on how to make stacked lots for first floor retail and upper floor residential, and have been testing it out in my game. So far I'm pleased with the results, and since this feels pretty innovative for making urban spaces, I was wondering: do you play with stacked lots? Why or why not? What lots have you made split up and stacked?

So far I only have my community pharmacy made this way, with four apartments above. I'm intending to have a family own the whole "building" and charge tenants for rent with Inge's Lot Income Rights. I might do more of these businesses in the future, as long as I build them first... the camera angles seem to be a little tricky with the lot imposter on top!
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I've been meaning to get into building stacked lots but never actually done so. once I'm done with my current project it might be time to revisit the idea.
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I think the idea is really great, but the process seems too fiddly for me. I'd gladly download stacked lots someone else prepared if that were possible.
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I doubt I'll build them myself. But the Nekojima ones were very cool.
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I haven't actually playtested anything I've built, but I did try building them once. I was considering using stacked lots for Downtown. Ultimately, I couldn't take the flickering and glitching from having two lots on top of each other. Maybe it would be different during actual gameplay, but during building it was driving me nuts. So I scrapped the idea and decided to use small attached lots instead. (Voleste's Building Rowhouses and Attached Lots tutorial.) With attached lots, I still get that same condensed urban feel. It's not super important to me to have shops underneath apartments. But if I do want that look in my downtown, then I'll build functional OFB ready lots--residential lots with shop space in front or on the first floor and living space in the back or on upper floors. Or maybe try that MogHughson mod.

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I think the idea is great but I personalty dislike the look and the flickering.

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I tried out stacked lots, and even made a set of templates to minimize the process.
But then I decided it was all too convoluted, and too slow. My upstairs residents could go downstairs for a quick coffee or newspaper, true, but I had to sit through the slow loading screens. If I was going to do that anyway, it didn't seem worth the fuss in building stacking shells.
I went back to LotAdjuster. The building process is streamlined (I've had LOTS of practice), it gives that urban crowded feeling, and I can put residential spaces with the commercial if I want - the extra space can either be ignored, or furnished and used. And there's the same amount of loading.
Also, when I take pics of the building, the whole building looks decent, not just one section of it. I prefer my lot imposters a bit further removed from where I'm playing.

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Thanks for sharing! I've never tried it, but I can give it a try if I ever get into creating my own Downtown hood
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Like omglo said, I'd love to work with stacked lots but the process seems way too complicated. Maybe some day I will attempt it.
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The lot impostor thing is just a bit much for me, buuuuut...maybe if I used LD's improved lot impostors it would make me feel better about it?

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