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Default Do You Ever Notice That Ever Changing Avatar In The Sims To Relationships?
I notice some sims smile, while others don't, it gives me SimCity 4 vibes when your advisor's are currently unhappy they will look it, although I don't recall my sims frowning, other then the creepy Vampire Avatar in your sims relationship panel, what have you noticed on this topic? I've noticed that most of my sims smile unless they have been burned by lightning their face turns charred colored in the sims relationship panel, and when your sims are cold they will turn blue in the relationship panel, if they are hot they will have a sunburned face in the relationship panel, that face is always changing

do you ever notice that? and will sims actually frown or look angry when they really are? or does yours almost always smile? like mine do

and how do your think that is programmed into the game? are those sims running processes in the background while your on another lot?

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Infact, yes, but not only the Relationship Panel, kind of general.

Portrait poses range from like to a whenever in the Relationships Panel or if their portrait is just anywhere. But no sims frown unless (vampires don't frown for me, they always look more shook and excited, then frowning) you get a mod to alter the poses (I thinks 8 ingame poses for each life stage and the gender). However, the pose does change when a sim gets lighting struck, but I've never seen a sim who had been sunburnt, well obvious it'd reload the portrait of the sim to show sunburn, but the face never really changed for me then. Though, it can change but only if something happens, the household moves, etc.

Not really a computer expert, but knowing the Sims 2, it'd probably be like this; if a Sim is first loaded onto a lot then, generate portrait (then it'll wait till say, the sim gets electrocuted) If a Sim is hit by lighting/electrocuted, generate new portrait. But when the sim cleans up and takes care of the needs after being struck by lighting, the portrait pose will return to the one first loaded on the lot (the one you can extract from SimPE) and would just destroy the one that was used when the sim got electrocuted. That's just a guess and yes, if they change off the lot, then they probably do run a process outside the lot. I'm just assuming that Maxis just wanted to it to change the portraits so Sims kinda felt alive in a way? Because they're changing outside of the players view, so it's kind of like "oh look, mary-sues portrait changed, that's new! i wonder why?"

This kind of like avatar changing thing carried on more dominant in the Sims 3. Portraits changed more then often. You can screenshots below of some sims who smile, though no sim will frown.
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The ever-changing portrait thumbnails are a "feature" from AL, I think? There are a couple types of mods that fix this, discussed here: (All the links may not work, since it's an old topic).

I don't think I have any of the mods, but I honestly can't remember. Most of my mods are pre-2016 and I probably don't know half of what I have...

The portrait changes can be annoying at times, especially if they're just changing their expression and not anything else about their looks - it's fine if they've changed their appearance.
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Originally Posted by simmer22
The ever-changing portrait thumbnails are a "feature" from AL, I think?
I think my Sims generally only change their avatars when they get a new hairstyle, get new accessories (glasses etc.), or otherwise change their appearance. But then my highest EP is OFB, so you're probably right.

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I think there is a mod for static UI poses if you want to get rid of this.
But I kind of like it. Different facial expressions in the relationship panel for each and every sim give variety and personality to my game.
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