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Default Questions about cleaning a lot
I'm trying to figure out how to clean lots, and I'm still confused after reading through the tutorials on here. This might be a dumb question, but when I'm cleaning a lot, where is the lot supposed to be? Am I cleaning a lot that's in the bin? Or am I supposed to place it in a test neighborhood, then clean it, then place the clean version in the bin?
Also, if it needs to go in a test neighborhood, can the neighborhood have sims in it as long as the lot itself doesn't have any sims? Or does it need to be in a completely sim-free neighborhood?
Thanks in advance!
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I assume you looked at my tutorial?
You do either method 1 which is manually deleting in SimPE or you do method 2 which is automatic with the lot compressor. Two separate methods.

So assuming you are using method 2 (I recommend that) you open lot compressor and browse to where the lot is, just like in the picture. The lot needs to be placed down on a road not in the bin. I would suggest when you install a lot from a creator you don't know to install it in a test hood. The sims in the hood or or lack of doesn't matter. All cleaning does is remove sim references from the lot that it came with.

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Okay, thank you! This helps, I just didn't understand if I needed to place the lot somewhere first.
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