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Default Wants and Fears oddity
(I've brought this up on the EA forum as well, but thought I'd ask here too)

Has anyone else turned off Wants and Fears in game options? Did that work for you?

For me it doesn't work, I've turned it off and still get the whims/wants, and I try to disable the option every time I turn the game back on now - no real change, other than that according to settings, it should be off.
I am slowly putting updated mods back into my game, but this was an issue already with a "clean" game.
So I'm wondering if anyone else has tried turning wants and fears off yet?
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Yes, I've turned it off, too. No, it did not work for me, either. Figured if I wait long enough, someone will make a mod for it.

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It now seems to work in an awkward halfway kind of way, if that makes sense - I start my household, go into game options, turn the wants and fears back on, apply, then back off, apply, and when I go back to my household the wants are gone... but next time I open the save they're back again. (Not sure if the wants return after a few sim days or something, either, because I didn't spend much time on it this time around)

Is it weird to be glad that I'm not the only one? I don't want people to have issues with their games of course, but it is reassuring that I'm not the only one having this problem. I hadn't seen it mentioned before.
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There are a lot of things I suffer with this game that I'm sure others suffer, too. At first, I started mentioning some of them. But after a while, I realized that they're never going to stop coming. So, I stopped mentioning.

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Bit late to reply on this topic, but I recently tried switching it off via the innocuously-seeming option to deactivate. Hell load of glitches thereafter, one game breaking. As the system is tied in with sims motives, I noticed all motive bars, when maxed, were no longer green but yellow. The family lot I was playing when first activating the off switch became seriously broken and could not be fixed no matter what I tried afterwards. It kept generating an LE at game start regarding something to do with unsatisfied - un-found - whims regarding High School. Could not clean it from the lot no matter what tricks I tried. Switching the wants and fears back on again it was still bugged. The flakey whims sometimes appearing, most times not. Quitting game and going back to previous saves before turning the option off. Saving lot from previous save and placing lot in a brand new world save with brand new family. No joy. Some hidden cache file had been permanently altered so that even previous saves hold the corrupt data and the LE was never going away, past, present or future, or in a brand new world save file, bugged forevermore. Only deleting the build so the lot was totally empty cleared the bug. A favorite family lot I've had for years, but I had to get rid of it. Cheers Maxis.

For all the warnings they keep giving us about the risk of mods breaking the game, the three times in eight years my game has been seriously fucked it's all been due to Maxis patch blunders, and not one mod out of the hundreds I've used and/or made myself has ever, ever fucked up my game in the way Maxis repeatedly have. It's their patches that need to come with a risk warning. It's their new implementations that need modders to first take a look at before being allowed for public release.

Though after all that, it did inspire me to make a mod to better manage the fears, better balance with more opposing traits that would not permit certain sims to have certain fears if it's not suitable to their character. You know, the kind of finessing and better balancing that proper game devs would do. There are some folks who are quick to jump to the defense of "hard-working" Maxis, blaming all the shortcomings on their evil EA bosses. But no, knowing it takes very little time to do a bit more finessing, it does not take precious extra weeks and weeks holding up release date schedules, not even a couple of hours work in many cases. The sloppy, un-finessed crap they keep putting out is not the fault of EA hampering them, it's just lazy-ass coding from those not fit or properly qualified to be in the industry. But EA did hire them, so there is that blame to lay at EA's feet.

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