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Default Duplicated Sim Bin sims
Hi all,

I started a new uberhood yesterday using meetmetotheriver's clean templates. I attempted to also install the clean templates of the stealth hoods. The way I did this was by adding the neighbourhoods as subhoods to my main hood (this was the first time this hood has been booted up), and then immediately deleted them in-game, as per meetmetotheriver's instructions. However, upon restarting the game, I have duplicates of all the families in the stealth hoods (the Ottomases, Ramaswamis, etc.).

I want to be fully transparent here - I don't fully comprehend the business around stealth hoods, but I wanted the fixed face template for Priya Ramaswami, so I attempted to fiddle with them, and I've clearly done something wrong somewhere!

Is there a way I can fix this, and will this duplication cause corruption in my uberhood? The hoodchecker is coming up clean but obviously it can't detect everything.

Thank you!!
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I'm not sure what you were trying to do. All you have to do to install the clean stealth hoods is to put them in Program Files in the locations specified and then your stealth hoods will be clean on whatever neighborhood you start. You don't have to add anything as a subhood, that's what makes them stealth hoods, they are automatically added without you doing anything. If you add them a second time, you obviously will get all the sims a second time. It's not a problem, you'll just have duplicate copies of those sims.
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I think you may have misunderstood the directions, you place them into your program files first and then add your hood and sub hoods.
also are you using clean or empty templates? There is a difference. Clean simply means cleaned up of corruption and other things, while empty means empty of sims. So a template can be clean with sims or it can be clean and empty of sims.

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