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So I've been a long-time player, but I've just started making my way into mods. I'm starting simple, but might consider learning Python to get some more complicated stuff done. It's funny how many mod ideas I've had over the years, and yet how almost all of them have been forgotten by now, when I actually want to start messing with them. Lol. Well, maybe it'll come back to me as I keep playing.

IRL I'm a boring early 30s gay man who does boring early 30s gay man things. I like weird, unique lamps and have been wondering lately if I need to develop my taste in music so I don't keep listening to the same stuff I liked in my 20s forever. But I guess most people do that, don't they? That's why oldies stations are a thing. Anyway, I can't think of anything else to add. Cheers.
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Hi @averagecitizen Lovely to meet you! I hope you'll upload some of your mods, I'm sure others would love to try them!

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Thanks! One of them is in the upload queue right now, even though I noticed a mistake in it after I submitted it. Lol. It may take a while to go through since I'll probably need to fix that before it's approved. If I make anything else that I think other people will want to use, I'll probably toss it out there too.
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