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Default Anouncment on a new tomb that is finished!
Heya, I would like to show you a sneak peak of a Tomb I've uploaded and is now in the last stages before beeing released, my last post about announcement wasn't that good, that tomb was awesome aswell, however it had a bad exterior, and looked as an unproffesional castle, so I've decided to go on something easier than a castle, a bit old fashioned modern mansion.

This tomb unlike my last one, Pleasent Rest Replacement tomb, does not have an Option room, which was a fatal part on my other tombs that were in making.

This tomb also does not have a Central Well like the Pleasent Rest Replacment tomb, the Central Well will be used in future tombs, and finally it'll be used for a Tomb which can only be accsessed by the tombs, or by "hacking"(changing my tombs), and to clear that Centeral Well you'll have to accsess all the tombs.

enough about my Centeral Well project, This Tomb will be my first submission for 2013 and I'm 80% sure that it'll be approved, it has a small storyline but it is a nice tomb refreshment for your sims.

the image of the tomb is attached (the windows seem black because it's a tomb room)

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