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Homestuck Challenge!
Okay, I assume this is a kind of Legacy challenge but i'm not really sure?
This is based off of Andrew Hussie's "Homestuck" webcomic, and loosely based around the Legacy Challenge and the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy challenge.
The idea of this challenge is that you make a homestuck couple. This can be ANY of the characters, but they MUST be in character (No Karkats that act like Equius) And it MUST be a human-standard heterosexual couple (Breeding purposes. Since all of the Humans are Caucasian -I think, but it's your choice how you have them, just make sure they're all the SAME skin colour because they are in the comic!- and all of the trolls are one shade of grey, you want to keep them either in Troll x Troll, Human x Human, or Troll x Human couples. No Human x NPC/Townie or Troll x NPC/Townie, or characters from other families. HOWEVER you will be USING townies or other custom sims, for breeding purposes again. Cheats will be needed. Keep it canon.) You then make them live out their lives as their character! I'll have more details on what that entails in the rules, but for example, Rose would be a Witch, and Feferi would keep fish. Their life goals would be things they have in canon, for example, Eridan would be in the Science career. The goal is to get through ALL of the humans and trolls like this. Yes, there will be shipping. You start with your Matesprits, as Teens, Young Adults, or Adults. If you want to start them as kids, make a white LususSim who is an elder, to look after them until they're old enough to look after themselves, but make sure they're not related. Build up their relationship, and advance them towards the flushed quadrant while still sticking to things they would do ( more listings below). They will have ONE child per generation, who will be of the respective race of their skin colour. I reccommend a Human/Troll pairing first off, unless you really want to fiddle around trying to find a way to change its skin colour. The baby will belong to the race it comes out as (Trolls or Humans. Cherubs are not in this challenge sorry...). This means if your base pairing is John and Vriska, and a baby boy with human skin comes out, this baby is going to be Dave (Name it, like Gen2 Baby, or something, and then when he becomes a toddler, Spawn the Tombstone of L+D, and there should be a rename option there!). Feel free to use mirrors and cheats to make him look and act like his character!! When this baby becomes a teenager, you make them get a boy/girlfriend. Use the testingcheatsenabled + shift to TEMPORARILY make him/her a family member, and take them to a mirror and make them look like whoever you want them to be. Do not re-use trolls or humans though, if you're on your last human and they have a troll baby, change its appearance and make it a troll. Do not do this before then. Rinse and repeat.

1. Everyone must be in character. Kanaya will study fashion, work in fashion, and will be a vampire. She will look like Kanaya AND act like kanaya. The fun part is there's no RULE on this, if you think Karkat would run a blog, Karkat can run a blog. If you think Gamzee would rather drop sick rap as a Musician than as a Slacker, he can! Be realistic though, this challenge is for Homestuck fans only, quite clearly!
2. The house and rooms MUST suit your trolls. You may use money cheats for decor purposes only, then remove the money. Make Feferi's room as fishy as you want, use as much CC as you want! It doesn't have to resemble their troll rooms but make sure it does resemble the trolls personality!
3. Every couple aside from your last couple must be able to reproduce by themselves, and must only have ONE child. This means no Erisol, unless you want Sollux to be a girl.
3.5: Genderbending is fine if you want Erisol to be a thing so badly!
3.75: Duplicating even if one is Male Sollux and the other is Female Sollux is NOT fine. One troll is one troll even if it's a different gender. No duplicates.
4. Your troll/human's matesprit must look like who you want it to be. Cheat to your hearts content. No marrying random sims unless they're renamed and look like the troll/human they're meant to be! Eg: Roxy could date a random male sim, but only if you take temporary control, change his name to Dirk, and make him look like Dirk.
5. Wrigglers may go to college but only if it'd suit the character and they're studying the right things and you cheat to make their dorm suit them, and again, you must edit any townies they date!! EG: Gamzee would not go to college. Eridan might though, and so might Kanaya, Rose, Jane, Jade, Karkat, Sollux...
6. Try to keep in Canon as much as you can. Nepeta and Equius are best buddies so don't make them hate eachother! Vriska probably should have a platonic or parenting view of Eridan... etc.
7: Cheats are fine, but no aging up wrigglers prematurely or alien births.
8. All trolls and humans are acceptable, it's your choice how long you want to keep it going. You may use the ancestors, hivebent trolls, normal kids, alpha kids, if you want to.
8.1: Aradia and Aradiabot are duplicates, but allowed, if you want to make them two separate trolls. Same goes for other variants, if you REALLY want to drag out the whole ordeal xD
9. Social interactions must also be in character. Feferi is not mean. Karkat does not flirt.

Things you will need: - Sims 2 Homestuck mesh pack is in here.You may download the trolls if you want, but i'd recommend having fun and making your own! Has horns and fins and glasses and stuff. (Needs Bon Voyage)
Some kind of grey skin custom content, quite common.
Know how of how to install mods/custom content, you can find that on this site easily!
I'd reccomend the Sims 2 Pets, and giving Rose Mutie, and Jade Bec! =3

Start at 0, you can go into minus numbers if you do horribly xD
-1 every time you use a mood cheat ( look after them!!)
-10 for every out of character thing they do. Karkat is flirted with, he does not flirt.
-1 for every fear that comes true for your sim
+10 for every wriggler or baby born
+40 for completing all base humans (John, Dave, Rose, Jade)
+40 for completing all Alpha humans (Jade, Jake, Roxy, Dirk)
+120 for completing all base trolls (Aradia, Tavros, Equius, Eridan, Feferi, Vriska, Terezi, Kanaya, Karkat, Gamzee, Nepeta, Sollux)
+120 for completing all Dancestors (Damara, Rufioh, Horuss, Cronus, Meenah, Aranea, Latula, Porrim, Kankri, Kurloz, Meulin, Mituna)

Ways to win: Complete the challenge with as high a score as you're happy with!!
Ways to fail: Any of your trolls die of reasons other than old age, or do not have a child in their lifetimes (excluding the last generation).

Other: In total, this challenge reaches 16 generations so it's quite a big challenge!! Have fun!!
This challenge also works on the sims 3 but you will have to find your own mods for that.
This is a laid back challenge which relies on your own knowledge of homestuck
Please post your score here when you're finished, i'd also love to see your trolls (i'll be doing it myself and posting mine up!)
If you have any questions, ideas, complaints, etc, please please please do post below with them, I will check back and will make sure I answer your questions and listen to everything else, fix any issues >w<
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Luv It! <3
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Originally Posted by HomestuckIsLyfe
Luv It! <3

Thank you >w< I spent a while on it, if you want to give it a go let me know how it goes, I had a go on it and it was pretty funny xD :3
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Yay a Homestuck!!!!!!! <3
Kankri is hidden in my name...

The drop off has been made. You've been warned.
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I'm grateful for this challenge because I know 100% that I had Sims 2 mods for Homestuck way back when and I can find none of them now; but your link still works so I can remake my lovely Dave/Eridan and hopefully recreate the lovely chaos that those two were as husbands my last play. That said your challenge idea is super interesting and I kind of want to see if I can find the mods necessary to do this in Sims 4
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