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Default Monthly themes 2015/2016
It's been a crazy year,filled with many new and cool goodies. Thank you all for participating in Monthly themes 2015-2016 edition!
As promised we'll reveal all the stats for the past year and showcase this month's uploads. A lot of you pushed everything to gain all the stickers, resulting in lots of fresh new threads of past themes - good job! For those currently in queue,your stickers and uploads will be added once you're approved. Don't hesitate to send us a pm,if we somehow miss you!

Stats for the past year
Number of goodies: 566
Uploads per games: TS2 - 391; TS3 - 36; TS4 - 139;
Most participated theme: Maxis MakeOver
Themed uploads featured/picked: Holopodium, S.A.M. - Sim Activated Machine, Couch Together, Uggie from The Artist , Sleep With The Swans--Child's Bedroom, Winter Hat (default + custom) , Winter Wonderland - A Festive Mountain Vacation Subhood For Your 'Hoods - No CC, Hallelujah Square - Little Christmas Village - NO CC , 50s Themed Diner, Locker Room Counterfeet Desk, Cardinal Community Apartments ~ Married Student Housing , Sim State University Stadiums -2 Lots - NO CC, Old Mill Pub., Sedona - Mysterious Neighborhood, Full of Unexpecting Things - No CC/BG Only (For Monthly Theme of August - All about men!) , Stache Blast REMIX, Kingsman Tailors - Home Business - NO CC , Apollo 11 - Saturn V Rocket - NO CC, Distant Oasis Community Lots, Monticelloesque, 7 Carriage Way - Maxismakover x4, 74 Gondola Way - Maxis Makeover, Warner's Nursery & Landscape Co. - Flagstaff, AZ - NO CC , Rivendell, elven outpost (no CC) , Fitness Time, The $6-Million-Dollar House ~ A Beach House on a Beach Lot, House Boat-Tropicana-No CC, Despicable Me Nursery Recolours.
Creators who participated in every monthly theme: lauratje86, lidiqnata, CatherineTCJD, Michelle, HugeLunatic, lientebollemeis, HeartDeco, Karen Lorraine, CaliBrat, Jawusa, M.M.A.A., marka93, XxCTxX
Creators who debuted with the monthly themes: RTS4CC, N_Fluen$e, Boudicca_WarriorQueen, KaORama, planetcheese, ankoyume, caitawesome, Veletura, attuned, ChisanaAoi, Deestar, C-chan, cord11, jacobc62, Cherrie Pie, Hetha1369, Zahkriisos, Z-Cat, Glouryian, Gecko_sis, Vågen

February - Into the Future
CatherineTCJDS C Apartments ~ Studio Apartments for 1 or 2 Sims
MichelleGrunge Walls and Floors
ZarathustraEmpty Martian Colonization Domes - 4 Empty Domes - NO CC
lientebollemeisNew career: TS3 - ITF - Astronomer - Astrophysicist (PTO+CC)
LizHubble Galaxies Bedrooms
MixcenyFuturistic Themed Paintings
PixieLinxieThe Future Is Here - Female Hunger Games Jumpsuit
MichelleWornable Sofa Recolours
celebkiriedhelVisions of the Future - NASA Posters on Grilled Cheese
allison731Robotic Pattern
lidiqnata*Futuristic Gym*
HeartDeco"Age of Glass" - LACK Recolors of Hobby Objects for Your Future Sims
ChikliaLab Coat Accessory
EsmeraldaS.A.M. - Sim Activated Machine
AmuraFuture Wave ~ NO CC
Hood Building Group'Pyramid Store' - Aileen Landing Lot Series - 3 out of 7
maxonFuture Travel 50s Style - Through the Solar System - Vintage Space Travel Posters
bellakenobiVisions of the Future; by NASA
SimFusedFuturistic Metallic Walls & Floors
SimFusedSci-Fi Walls Inspired by MTS February Theme 'Into the Future'
Karen LorraineThe Alaena - a futuristic abode (Minimal CC)
lauratje86Biotechnology Major - Available In Two Versions
Menaceman44Male Alien Suit in 6 Designs
XxCTxXRoboticist Career

*Click on each spoiler tag to reveal the newly added uploads
Past Themes
January - themetv

December - themewinter

November - themevintage

October - themeuni

September - themeretail

August - thememen

July - themeworld

June - thememaxis

May - themefit

April - themegreen

March - themebeach

We're looking for feedback of the past year - anything that you found nice and those things that you just did not feel right. Feel free to comment,so we can improve for future creator challenges!
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Our last upload of the Lot series (vintage themed one) was already in the queue before 29th Feburary (it was moved to the queue on 26th February).
And I've ticked it to be ready to be reviewed now.

If it gets approved, will we get the sticker?, and will you add us all to the Creators who participated in every monthly theme list?

As for the monthly themes, I really enjoyed them! The monthly challenges were great and fun! I hope, one day, you'll continue with this. I'd be ready to create new things for future monthly themes.

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Yes, you will I did not add the group,just the creators with all the stickers. Like we mentioned few times,uploads in queue will be added once approved.
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I've really enjoyed the monthly themes! They helped me get back into creating - I've uploaded 15 things in the last year, and before that I'd only uploaded one thing since 2010! I hope to continue creating even though the themes are over now, so fingers crossed I won't have another "5 year creating hiatus" any time soon! :-0
#5 Old 3rd Mar 2016 at 6:03 AM
@lidiqnata - The 'Despicable Me Nursery Recolours' also got a picked upload but is not on the list and the link to the 'Old Mill Pub' takes you to the 'Holopodium'.

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Thanks Michelle, fixed the links. Glad to have you as a helper
And the themes will continue,just after a break,so don't loose hope!
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Oh these themes have helped me so much, I've lacked inspiration and these got me into creating again! (And got my dad to let me borrow his old work laptop he never uses so I can play Sims and keep creating~) Whenever they start up again, I'll be excited to participate!
#8 Old 3rd Mar 2016 at 2:47 PM
It was fun and helfull : I think I wouldn't have posted as much things if it wasn't for the one month theme challenge.
Thanks for all the hard work (moderators and creators) !

I believe in the "Thanks" button and its amazing powers !!!
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#9 Old 5th Mar 2016 at 7:28 AM
The themes have really been fun! I can't wait 'til the break is over - I'm ready for the next one
(I'm all about the stickers! LOL!)

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#10 Old 7th Mar 2016 at 3:29 AM
Yay! I got a sticker for all 12 months :D
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#11 Old 10th Mar 2016 at 7:27 PM
Hi, my creations for themebeach and themetv were approved. They were submitted before the date but were in the queue for awhile. Could you add them?

!Black Rose!
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#12 Old 16th Mar 2016 at 2:10 PM
Can we still submit creations for the past themes?
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Originally Posted by lilmisssimsaddict
Can we still submit creations for the past themes?
@lilmisssimsaddict Unfortunately, no you can't submit for the past themes. You can still upload items but we can't give you the stickers.

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#14 Old 16th Mar 2016 at 4:09 PM
Thanks to all the mods and creators who participated in themes! Although I don't create as much as I'd like to anymore, the themes did inspire me when I had time! Even when I didn't contribute, it was quite fun to see all the other folks uploads. I'll miss themes, although I do understand the mods have time constraints.

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#15 Old 17th Mar 2016 at 10:59 PM
Thank you for the themes, I have learned a lot of new things myself by building some lots. It will take some time before I have downloaded everything I want - so thank you to all the creators too.
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