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Good chapter, Stephie ^^

Augusto and Charella make a cute couple ^^
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter Six - Who Are You
Chapter Six - Who Are You

It’s been a long cold Winter. The past 3 months have slid by at the pace of a snail. Charella is happy to see them end. She opens her window and peers out. She sees most of the Snow has melted. There are also a few birds grazing in the little patch of grass she can see growing near the garden. She knows now that Spring can’t be that far away.

After their last meeting, Charella and Augusto did not meet in the Winter, it was far too cold on the night of the ball. Instead Charella sat on her bed wrapped up in a warm blanket, dreaming about their last night together. Even though the thought of Augusto being sent away scares her to death, she has a feeling deep down that everything will work out.

The day of the Spring ball finally arrives, Charella is in a hurry to get her chores done and get to the woods to meet Augusto. She is also eager to share with him a secret. A secret she has been keeping for the past 3 months. As the carriage pulls away, Charella waves and goes back into the house, broom in hand. She then tosses the broom to the wayside and rushes out the backdoor toward the woods, eager to meet Augusto.

She skips happily in the moonlight, humming to herself as she goes. She reaches the log, but doesn’t see Augusto. Then suddenly he is behind her. He covers her eyes and kisses her head.

“Hello dear Char.” he says smiling.

He whips her around and pulls her to him, kissing her hard on the lips.

Charella smiles and laughs.

“How was the Winter? I missed you like crazy. I hope you’ve missed me too?” Augusto confides.

Charella nods.

“Yes Augusto, I too have missed you. But there is something else we need to talk about.” she says changing the topic.

“Yes love, what is it?” Augusto asks.

” Something wonderful has happened. I am with child.” Charella says excitedly.

Augusto’s eyes get large. “You’re with child?” he repeats shocked. “How is that wonderful news?” he demands. ” I am about to be married, I can’t have a child!” he says angerly.

“But I thought that , you would be..” Charella starts. “Happy?” Augusto finishes. “You thought I would be happy?” he says louder. “This ruins everything.. this is the worst news you could have given me..” he says distraught.

Charella’s eyes fill with tears. “I thought you loved me though.. you don’t love me enough to have a child with me?” Charella asks hurt.

“Of course I love you Char. Of course I want to have a child with you, but I am leaving, how can I leave you to care for our child by yourself, how can I be so selfish!?” he demands of himself. “What will my Father and Mother say? How will the kingdom react!?” he starts ranting.

Charella’s eyes narrow.

“What do you mean, how will your Father react?” Charella asks shocked.

Augusto bites his lip.

“I thought your Father was dead.. Augusto?” Charellas asks still shocked. “Who are you?” she demands angrily.

Augusto sighs. “I guess the jig is up.” he says bowing before her. Charella jumps back.

“I am his royal majesty, Prince Augustus.” he says glumly.

What! You’re the Prince! You’re the!” Oh Wow. Oh wow.” Charella says backing away from him.

“Char, please don’t go. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.. I’m sorry I kept it from you..” Augustus calls as he hurries after her.

Charella stops running. “So, what you said about the marriage, it’s true then? You are being sent away for an arranged marriage?” she asks shocked.

Augustus hangs his head. “Yes.”

“And your Father, he’s the King isn’t he?” Charella asks further.

“My Father is not the King!” Augustus replies angrily. “My mother was chosen by the King to become his bride after I was born, my Father was killed on the day of their wedding.” Augustus says angrily.

Charella can’t believe what she is hearing. “That’s awful, I’m so sorry. Now it all makes sense, why you were out here that night, Why you don’t want to get married, why you don’t … ‘ but he shuts her up with a kiss.

“Charella, this might be our answer!” he says pulling away from her. “If I tell my parents I have a child on the way, maybe they will call off the arranged marriage!” Augustus says with a leap.

Charella is confused. “How is the baby going to help your financial situation though?” she says still confused.

“Oh that. Yes. Well you see, I found out, there are other ways to pay off a debt without getting married.” he says happily.

“Come! We must find your Father right away I want to seek your hand in marriage!” he says grabbing her hand and pulling her.

But Charella stops him “Umm Your Majesty, I have something I need to tell you to..” she starts.

“Please love, don’t address me as a royal, please just call me August.” he says smiling. “What did you need to tell me . . .

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Good chapter as usual, Stephie ^^

Oh oh, a baby's on the way, huh ? I understand Augustus's reaction, given his situation, but I'm glad a solution seem to have been found ^^

I'm curious to see what the baby will look like ^^
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I love this chapter.
Charella's father is dead, and her step mother is so mean... What will they do ?
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter 7 - Revealed
Chapter Seven – Revealed

At their last meeting, Charella told Augustus everything. She told him how her Father married her step mother when she was little, how he died and how she was made the maid. She tells him how they always mock and make fun of her, never let her leave the house except to go to the market and how she feels completely trapped. Augustus promises, he will liberate her. He will talk to his parents and he will make things right.


It’s nearly Summer, and Charella can no longer hide her growing baby bump. At nearly 6 months along, she is starting to show. Treshara has taken notice, but has not said anything. Each day that passes by Charella waits anxiously for Augustus to return. She often daydreams that he will knock on the door during tea time and whisk her away to his palace. As the Summer ball approaches, Treshara becomes more and more curious as to who the Father of Charella’s baby is.

The night of the ball, Charella’s step mother and step sisters get into the carriage. Charella waits like she always does until it departs. So she can make her way to the woods, what she doesn’t see tonight however, is her stepmother stop the carriage and climb out. Charella hurries to the backdoor and rushes through it. Her step mother follows behind her. Charella, unaware.

As Charella makes it to the forest, Augustus catches her in his arms and kisses her hard on the lips.

“It’s so good to see you Char. Look at your belly..” he says laughing. “You’re really coming along.’ he says with a smile kissing her again. Charella’s stepmother has followed her to the woods, now she hides behind a tree, determined to catch sight of who Charella has been meeting. It’s dark, the moon is the only light. They kiss again. Treshara thinks she may be sick. Then she looks once more.

“August, how much longer must we wait?” Charella asks him kissing him again as he takes her hand in his.

“Lovely, once the baby is born, the baby is the key to everything, surely my Father and Mother will not make me marry once I have a child with someone else, surely they will allow me to marry you and we will be happy together. You will be my Queen..” he says with a smile.

Suddenly, Treshara knows who this boy is. “It’s Augustus, the Prince.” she says aloud to herself, although somehow Augustus and Charella don’t hear her. With this new revelation, Treshara quickly makes her way back to the house. She sends for a carriage and continues on her way to the ball.
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter 8 - Unfortunate Development
Chapter Eight – Unfortunate Development

The next morning during tea time, Charella is carrying the tea pot to the room when her stepmother corners her in the hall.

“Charella ? I’ll be getting the tea ready for tea time this afternoon and I’d like you to join me.” she says with a smile, taking the tea pot from her.

Charella is shocked and suspicious of her stepmothers behavior. “Why would you do such a thing?” she asks concerned.

“Oh my dear, because you are with child of course, you shouldn’t be working so hard. Here, let me get you a nice hot cup of tea. It always eased my stomach when I was with child.” Treshara continues.

Charella is overcome with emotion. All it took was her getting pregnant to be accepted by her stepmother? No. Charella can’t believe it. Her stepmother has not so once as brought her a cup of water since her Father passed, and she refuses to believe anything has changed.

“My stomach is fine Step mother.” she says in protest.

“But of course, but of course, Charella, I think it’s time you called me Mother, after all I am the only Mother you have ever known. We both know that to be true. We don’t want to confuse the child once it’s born now do we?” Treshara asks turning around to pour the tea and load the cups onto a tray.

Charella’s mind is racing, how can she get out of this situation. What can she do. Surely her stepmother who hates her would never sit and have tea with her.

“Here we are!” Treshara says excitedly, hurrying to the tea room where she sets down the tray.; taking her seat at the table. She picks up Charella’s tea cup and hands it to her.

“Here dear, drink this.” she says soothingly.

Charella stands near the table, she glances from the parlour into the hall.
"Where are my sisters this afternoon Stepmother?" she asks curiously.
"Oh. Dear. I've sent them out for the afternoon! We needed some time to catch up! So much has happened!" Treshara says soothingly.

Charella takes a deep breath and joins her at the table; taking the cup from her stepmother's outstretched hand. She breathes in the aroma, It doesn't smell poisoned she thinks to herself. Her stepmother sips her tea curiously watching her over the top of her own cup.

“But what’s wrong child? Don’t you like tea?” Treshara says with an annoyed laugh.

“Oh yes Mother.” Charella forces herself to say, “But could I have some sugar in mine?” she asks with a smile.

Treshara’s smile fades and turns to annoyance, “But of course, I’ll go and put some in it for you.” she says reaching for Charella’s cup.

“Oh but Mother, I don’t know how much I want,. “Charella protests. “Why not just bring the bowl into the parlour?” Charella asks sweetly, holding her cup away.

Annoyed, Treshara forcefully gets up and leaves the tea room. As soon as she is gone, Charella switches the cups. Treshara appears just a moment later with the sugar bowl.

“Here you are child, sugar, just as you requested.” Treshara says setting it down near her.

“Thank you mother.” Charella says with a wide smile.

Treshara picks up her cup and begins to sip, watching Charella closely as she puts sugar into her cup and stirs it. But as Charella puts the cup to her lips to drink, Treshara falls from her seat to the floor.

A sigh of relief washes over Charella as she realizes her instincts were right. She goes over to her step mother, she is not breathing. With shaking fingers, she reaches for her stepmother's wrist to find a pulse. She has none. Charella now has to think fast. Quickly she switches the cups back and rinses the other out. She washes it and puts it in the cupboard, then she pushes in her chair and leaves the tea room.

She goes into her room and waits until the carriage pulls up with her sisters. As they get out, she hurries downstairs, and once they are entering the home, she takes a deep breath, then walks into the tea room and screams. Her scream brings her stepsisters into the room, and there on the floor, lying breathless is their mother.

“What did you do?!” Chlorinda demands angerly.

“I was just coming in to clean up. I didn’t do anything, she was like this when I found her.” Charella pleads.

“I don’t buy it for a second, You’re responsible for this. I just know you are.” Andra says angrily, pulling her mother into her lap, tears pouring from her eyes, while Chlorinda sobs silently next to her, and Charella stands helplessly nearby.
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These chapters were pretty good :D

Oh my, poor Charella is in deep trouble, now :o
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What will happen to Charella now ???
Now I'm pretty sure Treshara killed Charella's father.
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Default Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3: A Girl - Chapter 9 - Everything
Hello everyone! -waves-

I have just a very quick little memo before we get into the chapter. I have put this off for as long as I could. I'm very sorry I haven't updated in almost 3 months. An unfortunate series of events, led to the complete and utter removal of every single Sims custom content download I had on my PC :'( As you might guess, this has set me back considerably. My computer required a System Recovery. This means, I do still have my story, but my downloads are completely gone. I have been able to retrieve the rest of book 3, However, after Book 3 ends, I will be continuing my series in the "NON" Sims section of the site. This means there will no longer be pictures accompanying my story. Once I post my entries there, I will have a link to the new section -which I will post here, when I begin Book 4. I do apologize whole heartedly, and wish there was another way to continue posting here, but without the Sims family line, its impossible to continue posting images with my story, unless I make all new Sims :'( I hope you understand, it just wouldn't be the same with new Sims. Plus, I am having to track down and re-download all my content that was lost! -cries-

Thank you for your understanding- Now let's get into the Chapter!

Chapter Nine - Everything

It's nearly the end of Summer, Charella knows she is going to have her child soon. After her step mother's death, her step sisters moved out. Distraught and saddened by their mothers passing, they refused to stay in the home any longer with Charella. With her stepmother dead, Charella is finally free.

The wait through the Summer is almost more than she can bear. As fall gets closer, so too does her due date. The night of the ball, it is a clear night, misty, not chilly. Charella starts out on a brisk walk to the woods, and slows as she reaches the log. She doesn't see Augusto and sits herself down. She rests, and then all of a sudden, she has a sharp pain. She grabs her stomach and calls out as the pain becomes unbearable, the baby is coming.

Charella falls to the ground and lies back, trying to stop her pain, Suddenly the pain is more than she can bear, everything is getting hazy, she can hear a whooshing sound, then everything goes black.


"Charella?" " Charella?"

Charella opens her eyes. Her pain is gone. She is in a strange place, a giant room in a giant bed that is not her own. She sits up and sees a woman she has never seen before.

"Charella. I am Tilda, the royal maid. I'm glad to see you are awake. I have some rather troubling news."

Charella gazes upon her face, with a confused look.

"Charella dear, I"m very sorry to ..."

"Where is my baby?" Charella asks interrupting her.

"Charella dear, I'm very sorry to tell you this, but your daughter, she, she didn't make it sweetheart, I'm so sorry."

"I had a daughter?" she asks as tears begin to well up in her eyes.

Tilda bows her head and moves from her side, she moves to the door and leaves through it.

Tears streak down Charella's cheeks. She sobs into her blanket. Her heart feels like it's broken, there's a lump in her throat so big that she can't swallow, she can't breathe, or think. All she can feel is broken.

Tilda enters through the door then once more, and approaches her with a warm cloth, which she uses to wipe away Charella's tears.

"Sweetheart, we know the baby was his Majesties the Prince. After the baby was born, The Prince told his Father and Mother everything." Tilda explains.

Charella hears nothing. All just words that she cannot process. She sits as more tears spill down her cheeks. Then Augustus comes into the room, Charella looks up at him and sees he too has been crying. His face still wet, although, he has wiped away his tears. Charella gets out of bed and goes to him, he hugs her tightly.

"Char, our baby, I'm so sorry, I didn't know what to do.. and she.. I got you here as quickly as I could.. but she still.. shes gone." Augustus cries.
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Default Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3 - A Girl: Chapter Ten - The Secret
[QUOTE=stephiebaby]Hello everyone! -waves-

I have just a very quick little memo before we get into the chapter. I have put this off for as long as I could. I'm very sorry I haven't updated in almost 3 months. An unfortunate series of events, led to the complete and utter removal of every single Sims custom content download I had on my PC :'( As you might guess, this has set me back considerably. My computer required a System Recovery. This means, I do still have my story, but my downloads are completely gone. I have been able to retrieve the rest of book 3, However, after Book 3 ends, I will be continuing my series in the "NON" Sims section of the site. This means there will no longer be pictures accompanying my story. Once I post my entries there, I will have a link to the new section -which I will post here, when I begin Book 4. I do apologize whole heartedly, and wish there was another way to continue posting here, but without the Sims family line, its impossible to continue posting images with my story, unless I make all new Sims :'( I hope you understand, it just wouldn't be the same with new Sims. Plus, I am having to track down and re-download all my content that was lost! -cries-

Thank you for your understanding- Now let's get into the Chapter!

Chapter Ten - The Secret

After the loss of Char and Augustus' child, the King and Queen call off the arranged marriage. Not needing the dowery for their Kingdom any longer, it;s no longer necessary that Augustus marry immediately. The Queen takes to Char rather quickly, and after hearing her troubling story about her growing up, losing her Father, her step mother who tried to kill her, and the loss of her sisters, she takes pity on her, the Queen arranges a meeting with her in the grand hall.

It's a rainy Summer day, Charella is in a sunken mood and has been for many months.

"Dear Charella, sweet daughter, I know you're hurting, I know you're in pain, I know nothing can ever replace your daughter, but I know that having someone else there, is often better than being alone; The Queen starts, pulling her into a hug.

"I'm honored to meet with you today your Majesty. "Charella says smiling as best as she can.

"Dear Child, I too am honored to meet with you today. I would hope to look forward to many more meetings, the King and I would like to extend our best wishes to you in an invitation to live in our castle."

Charella smiles a real smile for the first time in a long time. She is overjoyed and pulls the Queen into another hug.

"Your Majesty, Thank you so very much." she squeaks excitedly.


Within weeks, the King and Queen are completely smitten with Charella. It's as if she's the daughter they never had. It's also soon clear that she and Augustus have an undeniable bond as well. The King and Queen recognize the bond they share, and soon, the King is imploring his son to ask for Charella's hand in marriage.


"Son, might I have a word with you?" The King asks one morning after breakfast.

Augustus bows his head, "But of course." he replies.


The sun is shining faintly through the windows in the walls of the hall; Augustus and his father walk leisurely down.

"Son, I have watched Charella grow, I have watched her sorrow and her pain, I have watched her anguish and her torment, I know nothing can replace your child, I implore you now, you have found a worthy bride, your mother and I extend our wishes that you would marry and conceive another baby. I and your mother feel it might be the only way to help her out of this deep rooted heartache. I hope you'll think about it son.."

The King says pulling Augustus into a hug before turning away to leave him alone with his thoughts.

Augustus knows he can't deny his heart, he wants to marry Charella, but the secret that his parents have asked him to keep is eating him alive.

"Father!" Augustus yells as his father looks away.

"How can I marry her? How can I keep the secret that you sold our daughter to pay for the dowry on this land?! How can I live with myself, how can you expect me to live that way!?" Augustus demands.

The King is shocked.

"Augustus you were sworn never to speak of this to anyone. Your daughter has brought great joy and friendly relations to the Carnation kingdom, their secret is our secret."

Augustus can feel the tears welling up in his eyes, he tries to fight them, but they spill down his cheeks.

"I should have never agreed to keep your secret! What would have happened if you told the kingdom about my daughter? What would they have done? Ruled against me? Chosen not to accept me? I refuse to believe that my kingdom would turn their back on me and my bride?!" Augustus screams.

"Augustus Tyrannius the Third!" the King shouts in anger. "How dare you presume to know the true circumstances surrounding this child! We did not only give your child away to the Carnation kingdom to conceal away your illegitimate affair! We gave it away because we were in debt to the Carnation kingdom! Without your child, they might have declared war on us!" he yells further.

Augustus turns to face him, tears in his eyes. He frowns and shakes his head. "It still hurts father. No matter the reason." he replies.

His father approaches him and tries to pull him into a hug.

"Son, I understand. But we all agreed it was best to discreetly handle your child by giving it away. As I said before, your child has brought great happiness to the King and Queen, who have not been able to have their own children. Just marry your bride and conceive another child while married, the kingdom will accept their new princess, they will then learn of the pregnancy, and no one will know any the wiser."

"Father! What happens when the Carnation kingdom decides they want more?" "What happens when they want another child?" Augustus asks, shoving his father from him. "Are you going to keep taking my children to pay off your debt? I can't talk of this anymore, it makes me sick." Augustus replies, allowing his tears to fall once more, as he turns and marches down the hall, away from his father.

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You've made some good chapters, Stephie and I liked reading them ^^

Poor Charella T_T

Aww, that really suck, and I understand your choice, I wish you good luck ^^
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Charella's daughter is alive !!!!! Will she find the truth about this ?
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Default Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3 - A Girl: Chapter Eleven - For Better Or Worse
Chapter Eleven - For Better Or Worse

Although Augustus’ heart aches for his daughter, it aches more for Charella, he soon asks her to marry him and she says yes. The King and Queen are overjoyed. A wedding is planned for the coming months and the entire Kingdom is ecstatic. But with the pain and anguish that Charella feels every night, Augustus has found himself sneaking from his room to be with her most every night for the past few weeks. The night before the wedding, Charella learns she is pregnant again.

Augustus is overjoyed and agrees to keep the pregnancy a secret. The entire kingdom comes together for the wedding, it’s a lavish beautiful affair. All the royal families come together for the ceremony. After the ceremony, in their bedchamber, Augustus can no longer keep his secret. He sits on the bench by the window. He’s startled by Charella who climbs to her knees and wraps her arms around his waist. She buries her head in his chest, then realizes, he’s crying. She sits up straight on her knees and looks at him questioningly.

Augustus meets her gaze as another tear falls. He takes a deep breath and looks into her eyes.

“Char, my love, my sweet bride, I have something tell you.” He begins, his voice shaking.

“I was sworn never to tell anyone, I was sworn to secrecy, you have to know I only ever wanted to tell you every day since..” Augustus lets another tear escape.

“August, what are you talking about, what’s happened?” Charella asks becoming increasingly concerned.

“My love, my parents kept the financial relations of our kingdom from me. Remember when I originally told you they wanted to marry me off to pay off the dowery?”

Charella nods.

“Sweet love, I only ever wanted the best for us both and for our daughter…” Augustus trails.

“I know.” she says taking his face into her hands. “She wasn’t meant to be.” Charella says sadly, a tear escaping her face.

Augustus takes a deep breath, “I didn’t know until after it was done, I brought you to the palace in labor, I was asked to leave the room, I was told you had fallen asleep and it would take a while, I was told to go to sleep as well. I was far too excited to sleep, but I tried my best, I awoke not long after and I went into the kitchen. There was a basket..” Augustus pauses.

Charella brings her hands to her lips as tears begin to well up in her eyes. “What do you mean there was a basket?” she says quietly.

“My Father and Mother sold our child, they sold our daughter to avoid a war, the Carnation kingdom is unable to have children, I was to marry their adopted daughter and provide an heir, but when I refused, the agreement was made between my parents to provide them with my first born child.” he says breathless.

Charella isn’t sure how to react to this news. She feels sick. She has hope. She has fear. She quickly gets up and turns away as the tears rush down her face.

“You’ve known? All this time?!” she suddenly demands. “You’ve watched me cry and ache over my child, and you have said nothing, this entire time!?” she demands again.

“How could you do that to me? How could you just sit back and watch me for all this time, and never say anything!?” she yells loudly.

Augustus gets up from the bench. “Char, I’ve wanted to tell you everyday since! I’ve longed to tell you! Its killed me to watch you mourn over her! But I couldn’t! You have to understand that! It was for the safety of our kingdom.. of the Carnation kingdom! No one knows they can’t have children! It’s a long kept secret! If I had… ”

But Charella cuts him off. “I don’t care about your traditions! Or your agreements! This is my child. Our child! How could you not tell me!? How could you not trust me enough to give me that little piece of hope!?” she demands angrily.

“And what if I had!? Huh?” Augustus replies becoming angry himself. “What if I had told you, she was alive!? What would you have done!? What are you going to do!?” he demands his eyes flashing, as he takes hold on her arms and looks into her eyes.

“Sweetheart, there is nothing you could have done. There is nothing we can do. She’s gone. I didn’t think it was fair to give you that little slice of hope, and know that there is still nothing we can do to change whats happened..” Augustus finishes sternly.

New tears rush down her face as she collapses in his arms.

Augustus’ mood is softened by her tears and he pulls her into a hug.

“I’m so very sorry. There is nothing more that I would want in this world than to raise our baby together. We’re going to have another baby. I know, but she was special. She was our daughter, and she always will be. No one can take that away.” he says softly planting a kiss on her forehead.

Charella is still shocked, hurt, and dismayed over this news. She silently nods, while staring at the flickering candle on the stand nearby.

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Default Once Upon A Time Series: Book 3: A Girl - Chapter 12 - Cursed
Chapter 12 - Cursed

After that night, time seemed to pass by more slowly in the kingdom. Once Charella learns the undeniable truth about the King and Queen, she no longer wishes to live in the castle, and she implores Augustus to move them once the baby is born.

On a cold Winter night, Charella goes into labor.
After many many hours, Charella gives birth to a girl, they name her Rebecca.

Rebecca is a beautiful baby with flowing blond hair and beautiful green eyes. Charella and Augustus are head over heels in love and completely smitten with the little addition to their family. 3 months later, the King sends announcements of her birth throughout his kingdom. It’s not long before everyone in the kingdom knows about the birth and they too are ecstatic. The news of Rebecca’s birth travels far and wide to all the other kingdoms of the land. Soon a ball is planned in Rebecca’s honor.

It’s the night before the ball. Charella hugs Rebecca close as she carries her, asleep, to her crib. The candle flickers on the bedside next to her., and a warm misty wind blows through the window. Surprisingly it doesn’t blow out the candle. Augustus stands against the wall, watching Charella cuddle his daughter.

“It’s so funny there is a ball for someone who can’t even dance yet.” Charella says, to him.

Augustus nods.

“Yes, it’s the way things are done around here though. In honor of her birth.” he says with a smile.

Charella, knows nothing of the traditional ways of royalty, so it’s very strange to her. She feels that having so many people in the castle with her newborn is a dangerous chance. After her last child was kidnapped, she isn’t certain that having a ball is the best idea, but Augustus assures her that everything will be fine.

The night before the ball, in the middle of the night, Rebecca wakes Charella with her cry, She’s hungry and Charella eagerly feeds her, sitting on the royal bed bench in her and Augustus’ room. Some time passes and soon the infant is sound asleep, Charella kisses her tiny forehead and puts her in her cradle, before climbing into bed herself.

The door creaks just a crack as a hooded figure enters the room.

The hooded figure sees the sleeping parents. It moves past them, careful not to make a sound, then it nears the sleeping infant in her cradle.

Ever so gently, Rebecca is picked up and within moments she and the hooded figure are gone.

The next morning, the sun awakens Charella from her sleep. She awakes feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Then the thought hits her. Why has she slept so long, why hasn’t Rebecca awoken her to eat, Charella gets a sick feeling in her stomach before leaping out of bed and rushing to the cradle to find it completely empty.
Her screams awaken Augustus who rushes to her side immediately. His heart is split in two when he sees the empty cradle.

Charella falls to the ground in front of the cradle, her heart completely shattered.

After the last debacle hatched by his parents, Augustus races to find them. He finds them in the courtyard taking a walk. He interrupts and begins screaming at them.

“I can’t believe you would do this! You took her, after we have bonded with her, after we have gotten to know her.. you are truly the most despicable people in the entire kingdom, there are not words to … ”

But he is interrupted by The King, who puts his hand up and stops him.

“Son, please, what are you speaking of, surely your Mother and I have no idea what you are talking about.” The King promises.

“Rebecca is gone Father, Charella fed her last night and then this morning, her cradle was empty!” Augustus screams.

The King and Queen are shocked, and Augustus can tell that they had nothing to do with the disappearance of the little girl based on their reactions.

“We will search everywhere son, we will find her.” The King assures.

But Augustus shakes his head.

“It’s a lovely thought, but I don’t think I’ll ever see her again..” Augustus trails as a tear streaks his cheek.


(sigh) Our time together has come to an end. (at least on this part of the forum) I thank you so very much for reading my story. I will be continuing the series, but I will be moving it to the "Non Sims" part of the site, since I will no longer be posting pictures with it. If you've forgotten, my computer was compromised and forced into a System Recovery. I lost all my cc, sims, houses, everything. The only things that weren't lost, were text and images. So the chapters I had taken pictures for, I was able to post here. I had images through Book 3 only though. I had begun to take images for Book 4- but I will not be posting them. (I'm very sorry. I know so many of you (me too!!) wanted to see how Rebecca would look as an adult and the rest of the family line. It is with a heavy heart that I end the series here. I will post the link when I post Book 4 in the "Non Sims" part of the site.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you continue reading <3

#90 Old 24th Apr 2018 at 9:52 AM
These chapters were pretty good, Stephie ^^

Poor Charella and Augustus, their second child got kidnapped. I hope they'll get Rebecca back, and maybe even their first child, who know :o
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I have an idea about the one who has kidnapped Rebecca, I'm pretty sure one of Charella' step sisters did it, they're so cruel.
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