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Sims 4 Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge
[ This was inspired by the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge for Warrior cats by DJKanine9 on Check out their post here: ]

With the upcoming arrival of Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, I decided it would be the tradition to create a new version of the Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge. I got into the books very recently, around almost a year ago back in December 2016 when my aunt got me Firestar's Quest, the first book I ever read, and ever since I've been a huge fanatic. Since as I am typing this, Cats and Dogs has not come out yet, so I may get some things wrong. In the case of this, I will update it in the future with the correct information! Or, I will try to. Hehe.
The goal of the game is just to help your clan survive and breed as many generations as possible.

Getting Started
- First of all, create the human - or twoleg hehe - along with your cats. The twoleg can be any race, any gender, any anything. Doesn't matter. Just make a twoleg.
- Make your cats. You should make a Leader, Medicine Cat, and one or two warriors. Make sure you have a lot of breeding pairs! You're going to need to breed often.
- Move them into an empty lot. Continue to decorate this lot however you wish, with luscious plants, flora and fauna. If it's like Thunderclan, add in lots of trees and flowers. Like Riverclan? Make a beautiful lake in the centre. Make sure to use the ground terrain painting tools to your advantage to create paths for your cats to walk on. Also, make sure to make a sealed-off room to put your twoleg in. Make it bare and cheap, just enough for them to live in. Decorate it however you want - go nuts! Even make an inter-dimensional portal for all I care, if you have the mods.
- Also, try to stray away from ... inbreeding and incest. Just..just no.

- Send out a dawn and dusk patrol once a day at their corresponding time. For each cat, roll a dice to determine what happens to them -
0-3 -:- Nothing
4-5 -:- Minor injuries
6 -:- Serious injuries
- When encountering a stray cat -
0-2 -:- Nothing
4-5 -:- Recruit them
6 -:- You are attacked! *Le Intense Gasp!*
- When encountering any other stray animal
0-2 -:- Nothing
3-5 -:- Minor injuries
6 -:- Serious injuries

Giving Birth
Credit to the author of the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge. If your female cat gets pregnant and when she gives birth, roll a dice to determine what happens to her kits. The following results and the respective scores -
0-3 -:- All alive
4 -:- One stillborn
5 -:- Two stillborn
6 -:- All stillborns

Losing Conditions
- Any one of your cats are taken away by the social services.
- Your clan disbands,
- Everyone died.

- No cheating! This is typically a no-no zone in any challenge, so you should know this anyway. Just putting it here for emphasis. Cheating is a no-no!
- Stay away from mods that aren't increasing the amount of cats you can have, have more decorations, etc. Basically, don't get a mod that makes it so that no-one can get taken away.
- When you roll a dice, that's the result. No excuses. No "But Uglyass is my favourite caaaat! They can't diiieeee!" I don't care. What happens happens, however much you may dislike it.
- The warrior code applies to the game. Deputies cannot become deputy unless they are the first deputy you have made or they have mentored atleast one apprentice. Apprentices and cubs cannot go out without a warrior.
- Any cat caught breaking the warrior code by another cat has to be punished. Even if they're your favourite!

Any feedback? Please tell me below!
Lab Assistant
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Pets can't be controlled in TS4.
Lab Assistant
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True, sorry this challenge wont possibly work :/
Test Subject
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Actually, you can control your pets in TS4. It will need a mod, though, that can be found here :
Lab Assistant
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Woah. Thanks Dude.
Test Subject
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I need help, so you know how their isn't cheats, well what about CUSTOMIZATION!? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT!? So yeah, to me its impossible
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