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Continuing to advance Regan and her husband Shawn's careers as intended for the third generation in my Im A Lover Challenge, but apparently one of Regan's past patients at the hospital who she checked up on turned out to be a dog.

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I have probably decided to change Richard back into Daisuke Jigen through Nraas MasterController and the Create A Sim.

Edit: I changed him back and we Woo-hooed in the leaf pile. I also had a new problem: Stanley, the younger twin son isn't the only one sick. Stanford got sick. Looks like Jigen is going to be caring for his twin sons. Hey, as a writer, he works remotely.

Also, Lex Lang sent me a Dear John letter saying "It's not's me." I guess my simself is too good for a man who voices a 13th generation samurai.

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Before I can get to what’s happening in my game now, I have to give some relevant history into my Sims lives thus far because memories play a huge role. And no not the memory system from Generations, this particular memory feature is a hidden one within the core of the game engine. *By the way, I usually play with minimal intervention to observe the A.I. actions and reactions and how I perceive what’s going on. Also psychology is important in order to understand what is happening or at least to attempt to figure it out, lol. And it helps a lot to get to know the Sims since Sims are more than just traits. Meaning they have their own wants outside of the wish system and can form their own outlook into things like family, friends, romance and so on.


As a teenager, Choice Rumbaa had a boyfriend by the name of Chi Okotie-Eboh (I wanted to do something different so Chi is the only child with albinism). Chi was the oldest teen of his family, followed by his younger teen brother Tendai and last but not least, the youngest teen brother, Kanyin. Kanyin also had a girlfriend, Jean-the babysitter, but she had her sights set on Chi. However, it seems Chi may have been seeing Jean secretly but she didn’t want them to be a secret and wanted an official relationship. As time went on she became rather determined to break up Chi and Choice’s relationship. And it is hinted that she somehow got the eager and devious Tendai involved to help her. All while poor Kanyin was either oblivious to it all or in denial as he really fell head over heels in love with Jean and likely he didn’t want to believe his oldest brother would ever betray him.

Choice took notice of these events, not to mention she was slightly being bullied by Jean as well. At one point, Choice began to flirt with Kanyin but that sent Kanyin into a brooding mood. So I guess she figured to start using Tendai, possibly in an attempt to make Chi jealous and/or revenge. And well, that did get Chi’s attention and Jean’s too. The situation didn’t seem to improve between the brother’s relationships and their girlfriends so I had Kibwe, their father to ask his sons to breakup in hopes of putting an end to the drama. Surprise, Chi got a cheater reputation but only after the breakup. Choice was so heartbroken at the betrayal and she had to take a drink from the juice bar. Chi’s mother tried to comfort her.

Fast forward a bit: Choice is a young adult and is a Scientist and she befriends one of her co-workers, Israel Archuleta-an ex repair technician. Based on a wish I granted, he wanted to have a heat of the moment kiss with Choice. At some point she did respond with asking him to watch the stars. But nothing really came from those two as Israel was still too much involved in his own drama with Andreia Baxter, a maneater he wanted to get serious with, who just kept playing with his emotions. Of course that didn’t work out for him so I had him move to Sunlit Tides. Later after a bit of traveling, Choice is now visiting Sunlit Tides and has met with Israel again. Because he was still quite bitter with the whole Andreia situation, he wasn’t so friendly and kept his guard up. But eventually he calmed down.

Choice got a roommate by the name of Daichi Fujimora and they befriended each other. They have known each other for about a few Sim months now and are expressing an interest in each other. But Choice at that point was also showing interest in Israel and vice versa. Daichi noticed and eventually got annoyed and this caused Choice to completely end her friendship with Israel…which surprised me but okay. I suppose she chose Daichi then. Their budding relationship seemed to go on just fine but then the more time went on the more impatient Daichi was getting and arguments would ensue. The problem is Choice wants to establish a solid bond/friendship, basically taking her time to get to really know a person before making any hasty decisions for when and if taking the relationship to the next level. And well, Daichi gets more and more vocal about his physical needs and his expression of romance; which explains why those two never seem to go past flirty cause either Choice puts a stop to it or he can see when she gets annoyed with his eagerness.

Now, Daichi A.I. got so impatient that he scanned all options and as a last resort used a mod to get what he wanted. Now I was going to cancel that but was curious to see the after effects of that decision and to find out more information about his motives. So yeah, come to find out that’s literally all he wanted and I didn’t appreciate how he kept treating Choice and arguing with her way more often than ever before. Since I use Save As, I went back to before that happened and counted that as an alt save. Of course, I suspect that Daichi will eventually try that again but I will intervene this time and also I had Choice be more argumentative with him this time around. Their relationship is up and down, down and up and Daichi is the one who keeps trying so hard to keep a good standing relationship with Choice. What’s concerning is that I think Choice knows but is in denial, that and she really likes Daichi. Or at least that was the case in the alt save. I do notice her behavior is a bit different when interacting with Daichi now.

I’m not sure how things will turn out so I created a new Sim and now Choice has two roommates. His name is Ken’ichi Fujimora and is the younger brother of Daichi. I have no idea if those two may be a better match compatibility wise on all attraction levels, but that’s a part of the fun about TS3. So far they are best friends but don’t interact much with each other unless I initiate, which is why I say Choice really likes Daichi because he is her first choice to interact with. Of course, she knows him better than Ken so totally understandable. But when these two start talking, I notice Daichi is getting jealous. Since Ken is still new, I don’t know much about his personality, motives and so on beyond traits yet.

If things don’t work out here in Sunlit Tides, then maybe Choice’s next destination should be Bridgeport to meet up with her twin but also to check any possible unexplored romance between Kanyin who is currently residing in BP. I mean I cannot think of anyone who would be as understanding as Kanyin since they both have been hurt in their past relationships. Oh yeah, Tendai is in BP too but honestly I think he is having too much fun being a bachelor, lol. There are actually quite a few single men so maybe someone will be a compatible match for Choice.

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Getting to work populating Point Ouerbacker, normally unpopulated worlds are DAUUUNTING but it's so gorgeous I just couldn't stay away. I remember when I was a kid I had populated Sunset Valley with my own sims (they were all hideous for the record) and the absurd level of micromanagement needed to make sure everyone in town did what I wanted them to was relaxing for me as a young autist I remember I even had a list of names I wanted to use that I'd cross out whenever they'd been assigned to a newborn sim.
As I've gotten older things rarely hold my focus like that anymore (i guess i no longer have the imagination needed for make-your-own-fun gameplay lmao) so we'll see how this turns out.
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Selected sims from my family in Moonlight Falls turned human:
The Hemlocks used to live in Bridgeport, but in my game all the Bridgeport vampires moved into Moonlight Falls.



Belisama (Wogan and Morrigan's daughter)

My and Belisama's son

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I just miss to play it, I miss my sims because I love them so much. I have so much people to reinstall in town before playing. I had to restart from 0 I am tired of getting wrong saves.

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I've been taking the easy way out and building more community lots. To be honest I'm not sure where I want to go with my active families.
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My current household consists of my legacy brothers Liam and Declan McClure and some random sisters they asked to move in with them after their parents died while they were teens, Lashanda and Lucinda Morris-Koffi. Declan has had a thing for Lucinda literally since he aged up to teen and I finally made it happen for him just before having her move in.

I was fairly convinced that Liam was aro/ace, despite him saying he's straight, because he had never had a wish to date anyone and never got the "attractive company" moodlet. I was actually holding on to Declan and Lucinda so that the line would continue. However when he got back from his latest journey to Egypt, he started autonomously flirting with Lashanda. Now suddenly all his wishes are revolving around her, wanting to kiss her, ask her on dates, etc. Unfortunately, Lashanda has also slept with Declan. They're both flirty and he's inappropriate, so they just started flirting and hopped into bed one day. They've both been spitting out wishes to do things with both of their romantic interests... At least until Lucinda gave birth to Martin. Now Lucinda and Declan want to get married and Lashanda is feeling hurt. This has tanked their (Lashanda and Declan) relationship down to acquaintanceship level.

I'm still waiting for Lashanda to tell me what she wants to do for work, but I'm happy for her to be live in help for the rest of the family. With 70k in the bank, they're not hurting for money and they've got a ton of jewels, metal ingots, nectar, and relics they can sell off if need be. They also have real estate they can sell off.

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OK so I discovered some family drama on the other side of the family tree. (Thanks Story Progression!) Jared Frio married Jamie Jolina and had two daughters, Jasmine and Jordan. Parker Langerak married Holly Alto and had 3 kids, Cemre (M), Emily (F), and Kari (F). Old Mr and Mrs Langerak had another kid called Trinity (M) who is evil. Parker was two-timing Holly with Lisa Alvi (nee Bunch) and had 3 kids, I call this Parker's secret family. They tried to make a go of it after Holly died, but it didn't work out. Kari got pregnant as a teen by Cyclone and Blair's son and has a kid the same age as her half sib. Jordan married Cemre and they seem really happy and have a son called Jess. Jasmine married Trinity and they are constantly on the brink of divorce. Today I get the notification that Jamie and Parker have decided to make things official. So Parker is now with his daughter-in-law and sister-in-law's mother!

The Mayflies Legacy- a Random Legacy Story
#4010 Old 20th Aug 2022 at 6:38 PM
Oh wait, it gets better. I was looking at Parker's Secret family and discovered through Lisa's oldest son with VJ Alvi that VJ was seeing Emily Alto, Parker's daughter. Emily is dating her father's mistress' ex-husband. WTF even is this!?

The Mayflies Legacy- a Random Legacy Story
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In a short span of time, The Epcar twins grow up to young adults and leave home, Panda Queen gets married to Richard Epcar (yes, I changed him again.) and Panda Queen dies via electrocution, leaving a broken heart for Richard. As a goddess, I blessed Richard with wealth and he moved into the LandGraab mansion, kicked out the LandGraabs and let the extra rooms to 6 Canadian part-timers.

But a mysterious fiery redhead joins the house and Richard is at ease with the female stranger. It's almost as if he knows something about her but couldn't put his finger on it. It seemed off at first. But after a first kiss, Richard gained a naughty reputation. She isn't like the part-timers, marked by the Faustian trio of Black Doom, Dark Heart, and Ursula with a chevron back tattoo. (TBH, Although I love to hate Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians (smoker, fur trader, reckless driver) my favorite villain was Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I was that weird 2-year-old cheering for her in the theater.)

Speaking of back tattoos, Richard Epcar in the game has a Freezer Bunny on his back.

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I do not play with any premades in the sims 3 but with my own sims.
That's madddd !! I am playing right now and I see Jérémy my nasty fairy insulting Benoît who is working at the town hall. In my head I am imagined him insulting the Politics, because there were no bubbles above his head and guess what?
Benoît asked him about his carreer .. I am so maad this game is awesome for stories !!! He replied nothing ahaha except grumbling.

Lucie is not my real name, she was a sims from a story I imagined a dozen years ago.
I speak French only. If my statements are harsh, rude for you, that's not intentional. I just think Different due to my Language and my Culture.
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Riverview, SimNation, Planet Earth(?)

(Warning: this post has a lot of pics so I hide them in a spoiler tag)

Strange that I've played The Sims since 2000, the 2nd in 2004 and then the 3rd, I never played any premade hood/Sims and to be honest, has no passion to play it (if you don't count TS1 'hood that I always bulldoze and edit the whole town). I always create a new hood from scratch with no one here and start it from the ground...

...except this one: Riverview

I don't know why I love this town a lot, maybe its atmosphere like crops field and rustic town, maybe its people here, or maybe secrets those unsolved and let the players choose to make it themselves.

I mostly play Sims as everyday life, so mostly turned age off and hardly to get any legacy gameplay. It's like everyday life in Riverview and what's happened from day to day. Riverview (In my storyline) is quite plagued by some supernatural energies, the townspeople know it, with some strange people that may cause it or be the victim. However, there's some strange things those didn't involved with supernatural presences, but just someone made it.

...or you can say, murderers?


Hunter Cottoneye all begins here. In the rusty shack on the easternmost side near the lake, where people of Riverview, called as Riverviewers could see the sunrise from the peak of distant hills...

Hunter Cottoneye, the only guy who lives in the shack lives his life like a survivalist from post-apocalyptic world. Like his name, he hunts, he plants, he do it all by myself. It looks like he's just a common anti-social guy who are living almost off the grid (if you don't count the power that he still using from a town). Not so many people know about him, since he lives in the marshy-zone on a delta of Simomon river. Riverviewers know it and are afraid of this area and avoid to go here at all causes, unlike some weirdos here; often called as "Marshy/Swampy people". Hunter is one of them, and he doesn't care about that.

In the foggy-marshy area which seems like it was straight out from Far Harbor, Hunter is the only guy who knows this place so well, and has an awesome awareness of anything that going on here. Deers seem to be the most common enemy he would encountered, since they have no mercy to his garden and his produces. If they came around, expect his dinner would be some venison soup or steak. His cooking skill is quite good too, although its taste might be too harsh for common Riverviewers.

He doesn't mind to losing a fight from those pesky herbivores though, since it's his common mistake of his survivalist life and he doesn't consider himself as a loser. In fact, not even any winners could dare to live here.

The daylight goes away, the sun is set on another direction. Now the nightfall's comes out and the moon is rising. Instead of a bright-shiny sun which makes Riverviewers feel safe, the night, on the other hand, is completely different, especially during a full moon...

Hunter, at night obviously he can't hunt anything because it's too dark (and possibly because he wears that freakin' sunglasses all the time!). So what should he do? Right, stay at home. However, staying at home is not like everyone's expectation. This swampy area seems to have some strange things that no one knows what is it, even Hunter himself. Some noises deep down under the delta, echoing some strange voices which sounds not like common toads, is one of the most scariest thing that people ever heard here. The legend says it's like there's "another people" lives around here, but they are NOT humans who live above the ground. In fact, some even thinks those "Swampfolks" are real, and that's not means the weirdos like Hunter, it's just another presence of creation that no one never (and want) to see it.

When the strange noises heard, Hunter, who's always staying alert in the house will turn on his radio station. It was a station that he made it himself by his handiness skill. The radio range is not that far to be heard on the whole Riverview. Never Jebidiah Wilson or Jon Lessen ever heard of it. Instead, the range is far enough to cover a swampy area. When he is on the radio, he will send signals and alert people around the swamp that those noises come again, crawling to kill you from somewhere. You might saw he also has a chicken coop, and the horror is not just about the noises. Hunter often found some of his chickens disappear in the morning, left only a trail of blood that gives him chills, even he knows what was happened here...

And seriously, are there any swampy people around here beside Hunter? Why he has to turn the radio on? Are there any people listening to it?

Lucky Perkins

The next shack from the west of Cottoneye's shack, there is an elder people who also lives here. Yes, another weirdo Lucky Perkins. His shack was located on the mouth of a delta, still swampy but not as swampy as Hunter's shack. Lucky is by far friendlier than Hunter, but he was still called as a weirdo swampy people. Kids scared of him because of his look, while some don't want to hang out with him because he's just an another dirty grungy old man who smell like a swamp. He's fine with that cause he knows it. What about the past of his story? Well, people knows that he has some problem with his fingers, sticky fingers. That's why he also turned off by everyone because they don't want to lose their expensive, fancy lamp, right? But why he did it? Is there any problem with him in the past?

Since he also lives in a swampy area, of course, his buddy in a freetime is Hunter. Hunter trusts him, even he knows Lucky has sticky fingers, he knows that Lucky would not turns anything from his house to Lucky's owns. In fact, Lucky knows that Hunter has eyes and ears like a dog at night, a smart one too. He would shoots Lucky with his beloved bow in his head. Also, Hunter has nothing to steal since he lives in a rusty shack like Lucky, not worth it you can say that. Hunter and Lucky has their same favorite activity; Fishing. Riverview is known not only for its extreme fertile soil, but the water here is also good that many types of fishes could grow here, especially in the delta where both live. The hatchery is their favorite place too, although it is not as raw as fishing in the delta but it's...well...still good.

Does Lucky also has a survivalist lifestyle like Hunter? Probably not. He still goes into the town more than Hunter does. Ah...yes, to live his life and to retrieve his fame...

Yes, this is his small stall placed behind the grocery. Although everyone knows his sticky fingers reputation, he still has some customers support him to hope that he will never fishing in anyone's house again. Lucky is quite good at fishing, although as not good as Hunter he still does it better than anyone else in Riverview. He mostly sells his fresh fishes he catched in an early morning, before a stall is open from the morning to almost noon. Not so much profit but at least it's better than what he did in the past. Can't guarantee if he will do it again though.

The guy in the back is, of course, another infamous guy Don Lothario. His story is not on this post right now, but we know he isn't a local here, and what was that "teleporter" thing he went off, and who are those women who laughed at him? Is there something in that event connected to the sleepy town of Riverview?

To be continued...

Oh...I forgot the bonus...

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@BlademasterX2 I love that so much, just how I imagined Lucky and Hunter to live! Brilliant!

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@BlademasterX2 a fellow Fallout 4 fan, I see. Have you made it to the Red Death quest in Far Harbour?

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@simsample Thank you! They both are my most favorite characters in Riverview.

@Wotjek Yeah I've made it, and I've seen that "Red Dead" thing and...well, I don't know if I could spoil it here but it's really funny because I was really prepared for it. I bought a lot of ammos, 'nades and first aid kits (I use MAIM) Thought it might be one of an epic enemy, greater than Mirelurk Queen in Captain's Dance Quest got stuck when I get back to the harbor though. I have to use commands to fix it but I didn't do it yet, 'cause there's more things to do here. (I have a lot of mods installed, vampires (Atomguard), zombies (Zombie Walkers), creeps (Night of the Creeps), mostly supernatural mods. I always hunt for zombies and kill the hordes before they get into the harbor and eat people here, it's fun.)



Lucky Perkins

Lucky's shack at night...

Lucky spends all of his day through fishing and selling bits, with some of his freetime to hangout around the town. Nightfall's coming again. "Luckily" it was just an ordinary night with a waning-half moon, so there's a very low chance for creeps to come out from nowhere and crawl into his house. How he spends his night time? A pack of beers and peanuts? Good, but not for everyday, although cheap lagers from grocery could help him have a good sleeping.

One of the reasons why he's still alive. Another thing that Lucky turns people around the town off, because of his occult maniac! Lucky is not only good at fishing but using plants and herbs is also his talent. He really goes into herbology and alchemy. Lucky is old enough to remember how each herbs do and how to combine it. Remember that he's also genius, he lives with his own wit and his memories. From the past he has no other family members known since his parents passed away when he's already an adult. Although he's old enough to live his own life but living alone is quite difficult, especially in a town that people see occult or taboo things should be forbidden. Lucky's family lived in more primitive agriculture life, harsher than the McDermott's. His old house lies between an evergreen forest and useful plants. Thanks to his parents for these recipes they taught, he knows how to use it. One wolfbane flower, combine with some of magic powder from elixir's shop (or you can add sugar, honey or coffee beans as you like) BOOM!, he gets an invigorating potion that could keeps him stay awake all night. This should be really useful in full moon night at witching hours, and should be useful for a fellow swampy-weirdo like Hunter. Of course, elixir shop is his another money-maker place from selling his own goods.

And why he also has sticky fingers? Do his parents teach him too? Does he develops this personality after his parents passed away?

He also learn some of modern recipes from chemistry table. Invigorating potion and Sleeping Elixir is a great combination for his short rest. Of course no one can beats his alchemy skill like him. These potions also could make him has more time to do things around.

Lucky's shack, in the next morning.

Seems like it is not so lucky day for Lucky, as clouds cover whole sky and it's so foggy. If the rain falls down that means he has to close his stand because no one would love to hang outside in the downtown, and that's means he losts his profit today!

"Luckily" there's no rain today. Some customers' still around and he made it through the midday. There's some fishes he should sell to the grocery store before it spoils. As he's walking to the front door, something (or someone) he didn't expects came here...

MaryKay Shallow

She is a queen-B (B, can be anything) and she knows it, the school knows it, Riverviewers know it, Simmers know it. Ah, good ol' enemy of Lucky, come to faces or mocks him again. Well, from the past MaryKay saw Lucky as a swamp creature who has a chance to live above the ground. She disgusted by his smell and lifestyle. Lucky didn't let her does it alone, as he has some wit to strike her back. He knows she hates to be ashamed, and a lot of people around the grocery should see a good show. He throws a fart bomb at her back, calling she's the one who farts really loud. The hot-headed MaryKay didn't hesitate to slaps him back. Ouch! that seems hurt, but not as hurt as Lucky throw another thing on her.

Angry Bee Flask, another sinful recipe for revenge, threw on MaryKay without mercy. Just next seconds the angry bees from nowhere angrily sting at her, Ouch! that seems hurt more than the last slap. MaryKay stays panic for a while before she run away and goes home, left a lot of sting around her body. Now she doesn't want to go to school for a while!

Afternoon is always the same. Lucky spend his happy afternoon for fishing at the hatchery. Today's cloudy summer, but the weather is really great. Not so hot for an ol' man. Lucky catched some fishes and sold it to the grocery. He earns a lot of Simoleons today, yeah! time to get some pack of beers! At night, he also does the same thing; makes some potion and elixirs. He just learned a new recipe for him and fellow swamp weirdos. He turns on the radio and tell Hunter what he just discovered. "OK, girl I just get a new toy for you. see me in tomorrow morning, this one is really good for your whole day!"

Wait, who's that "Girl" he was just talking to?

To be continued...

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@BlademasterX2 my adventure with the Red Death eneded like this: (37:40)
My game is modded too, but what I focus on is making the survival aspect more difficult. It's frustrating at the very beginning when you begin with nothing and find almost nothing, but then it gets better. I see your sims live in some fallout-like conditions. A couple of years ago I started a project called Twinbroke. I turned Twinbrook into a wasteland. I haven't worked on it for some time, though.

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