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ONE MORE VOICE NEEED FOR MY Sims 2 Project of Reviewers that review other SIms 2 Series!
[B]These Sims 2 series reviewers will be joining us, in order to review certain They are here to help smaller youtube Sims 2 series producers grow their channel!This includes other channels, that are bigger but it's done in a lesser way! While helping my channel to be more well known to people! (: So if any of you are up to do these two audition than you shall be in it! I will be picking the voice that has the most feeling to it and has the right pitch for that character. If the voice has a echo, I will edit it for you this time for this project! But if the voice sounds too unclear we will have issues then! Rules for this project are is that you must be Dedicated- Meaning willing to sent your lines without taking longer than usual! Give a reasonable amount of your own time, into this project to stay active! Willing to act in this project long term ratter than short term! As this project will be ongoing and never stop for a good while! Communication- Don't leave this auditioning project without emailing first as, to why your unable to act anymore if your apart of the cast I cast! And if I cast you and you leave I will give your role to someone else who acted as well! So don't leave so that way it's less work, for me without me being required to start looking for a new voice actor! That's all if you follow these rules also you should be just fine! (: If you don't you will not be welcomed to any other casting projects, that I do if you have had too many warnings about this! Meaning a least 3 or 4 between their. Also for me to make a final choice, in what will happen with this project here you go everyone- Oh I have already found a female voice actor! So I just need a male but anyone is welcome to be backup actor for my female character that is already taken! Here is a link to a video I made for this casting call! - here are the the two websites I used for it 1-The Sims-2-Series Reviewers 1st link 2-The Sims-2-Series Reviewers 2nd link-
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