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Default How to add a new lot in The Sims Castaway Stories
I did a guide how to add some new lots in The Sims Castaway Stories, due to the fact, that I've seen a lot of posts on various forums, in which people complained about the lack of options to do that. These are my very first tutorials, so please be understading. Tutorials are in Polish, but you basically don't need to understand the language, you just need to follow showed steps. When you master the basics, creating a new lot can take more or less 5 minutes.
In the first video I showed how to add Residential Lot and after watching that (YOU NEED TO DO EXACTLY WHAT I DID IN THE FIRST VIDEO UP TO 14:35) you can watch part two (the second video) and change your recently added lot into the community one if you want it. YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!
All coordinates are written in the video's description to further shorten the process of adding. I think that this guide can be useful for many people. It would be very nice, if you write down your own coordinates in the comment section to help others in adding lots. I also strongly encourage you to subscribe to my channel Sarah Blanca
Good luck! :D

Tutorial #1: How to add a new RESIDENTIAL LOT in The Sims Castaway Stories

Tutorial #2: How to add a new COMMUNITY LOT in The Sims Castaway Stories
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Adding a new residential lot is a nice video representation of Mootilda's original tutorial:

I do have a few concerns about your community lot tutorial. I'm not sure what you were doing in your video. I think you just re-routed a community lot (original Division Six) to a copied Spear Point (which you renamed to Division Six). I didn't catch what you did exactly with the original Division Six.

Also, the community lot tutorial doesn't truly add new lots, as outlined in Mootilda's tutorial above as well. We still don't know how to add clickable icons to the maps, so you can't, for example, make a new lot called Veronaville Market and have Sims actually visit it, without the Market overwriting an existing lot.

Apologies if you do point out these things in your videos; I don't speak Polish.
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Hi! Thank you very much for the comment
I have a whole series about Castaway Stories in my channel, so adding more community lots was crucial to me for storytelling and I just wanted to share it how I do that.
Yes, I do point out that I can’t change the map nor the portals, but what I can do is some workaround in this matter. You are well known person in MTS so I strongly believe that you know how to use SimPE I won't explain everything, but I'll traslate you the steps. To understand I'm afraid, you have to re-watch the video and read the translation at the same time.
0a. Do everything as in Tutorial 1 up to 14:35. Make sure to do the first "back-up" folder with Wit's End/ Spear Point. I believe you actually know how to add a residential lot, so I won't translate it, just follow the steps. If you don't know - please write a comment below, so I'll explain it to you
0b. Make the second "back up" folder, so you have 2 seperate "back-up" folders.
1. Choose some community lot you want to swap. I chose Division Six. Open SimPE according neighborhood -> Lot Description -> Extract Division Six into THE SECOND back-up folder. Plugin view -> write down instance number (0A).
2. Resource list - delete your Wit's End from tutorial 1. Save.
3. Convert hex number to dec number. Division Six hex number is A, so decimal is 10. Documents - Neighborhood - Lots - Choose N002_10 (Division Six) and move it to THE SECOND back-up folder.
4. You are still in Documents - Neighborhood - Lots. Wit's End's/ Spear Point's Lot number was N002_30 (hex. 1E) change it to N002_10 (same as previous Division Six).
5. Open THE FIRST back-up folder from tutorial 1. Change package's and .xml's instance number from 1E to 0A. Open .xml in Notepad, update the new instance and lot number exacly where I show on the video.
6. Open Neigborhood in SimPE - in Resource List click Add - Open the FIRST back-up folder, choose the file. You've added the old Spear Point.
7. Update its instance number from 3D to 0A, update the coordinates, change its name to Division Six, change Lot Type from Residential to Community.
8. Open the game, locate a new Division Six (Spear Point). Open the family, check if you can click on the map and go with your sims to the new Division Six. Tutorial ends here at 8:00.

If you get bored with your new community lot reverse the process (further part of the video). If you want to still have the original Division Six in your neighborhood view, I'm advising you to add it using tutorial 1 and adding it as residential lot (I don't do that, because when I get bored with the new community lot I swap it with the old one). Adding new community lots is basically juggling with old ones.

The map is linked to portals. The portals are linked to the instance number.
Adding additional icons on the map and linking it through portals is beyond my skills as I’m not a programmer (I’m just a simple human being :P). But I found the cleaned version of CS map and all the icons separated on the internet somewhere so the map was actually found in the SimPE files by somebody. The problem are the portals.

I used some mods disabling a taxi, enabling only “go on foot” option, but my game exploded - there was a bug, where “choose a career” option was prompted in leap and the game became unplayable. There is a possibility that “going on foot” option was swapped with “choose a career” (Hunter, Gatherer or Crafter) by the programmers of CS.

Changing the topic, did you know you can breed the wolves in the CS, but the cubs usually look like monsters when they grow up? :D
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