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Nose height slider has not been working :7( (SOLVED)
Hi everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read my post. Any help is appreciated very very much!

For a few months now, the facial slider in CAS (not detail mode) that moves the position/height of the nose has not been working... I end up having to make the rest of the face sort of weirdly disproportionate to accommodate the smaller noses. The size slider that makes it wider/more bulbous does still work, but I can't make it taller/longer/more vertical(?)... It's the only slider at this time that has been giving me issues.
This is a newer problem, and I haven't added any new customer sliders in a while (but to be clear, I use a lot of them) and I'm not sure if this issue started after a patch or a big mod haul (I have a LOT of mods so this being a conflict is more than likely..)
I've been looking at broken mod forums but none of them seem to specifically list the issues the broken mods cause so they haven't been incredibly helpful...
So I thought I'd throw my issue up here, maybe someone else already knows the cause/solution haha....
While I wait for an answer, I'm going to go ahead and comb through my mods the hardish way and see if I can hunt down the specific mod mussing stuff up... I'm not doing anything else tonight, I guess. If I do, I'll update this post.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long, fortunately. It was the V1 version of Savestate's furry mod that was causing this. Guess that's what I get for dabbling in niche online subcultures. A serious life lesson was learned by all!
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So I know I am necroing this thread but it comes up on Google the most when you look the issue up.

It is indeed the furry mod causing it, even now, but I seem to have found a solution while still keeping the mod - remove furry_muzzle_morph.package from your mod folder and the nose sliders will work again. You won't be able to modify furry noses but everything else seems to work just fine, at least on my shark furry. For some reason that muzzle morph seems to apply to every sim by default and I don't think there's a way to remove it manually in CAS.

Anyway sorry again for necrotic this after so long but I figured that this info is useful!
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