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Default Tutorial - Using Battery's S3SE tool as a script modder
Hey everyone!

You might have seen battery's new tool called 'S3SE' (Sims 3 Script Extender), A still pretty prototype-y program that was designed to make modding easier for the script modders among us. Now, you might have looked at this download and sort of understanding what it does, but would like a more explicit manual? Well, here you go! :D

Why would I want to use S3SE?
  • Testing a super simple script has now been made simple by not having to reload your game constantly when making changes!
  • Import (and even export) your own text files into a nice notification.
  • (soon) Adding your own audio files in a super easy way! (WAV and MP3)
  • And in-game folder organization! So anywhere on your computer you can add directories, add files/remove files, Find files and such.
Sounds exciting right? Let's get to it!


Assembly-related cool stuff!
This is where the magic happens for script modders and where this tool is super helpful to have! You can load in any of your .dll files on runtime  That way, we don't need to re-start the game (Although recommended when testing it for your end-users though). But in cases where we're debugging whether a particular variable is working correctly, or even the start of our scripting adventures, we can use these create options. 

For these purposes, I'll try a few different methods. One is more on global levels and the others on a sim and object level.

 WARNING: Despite the fact we can load in our .dlls, it is curial to still follow the regular ways of creating a game-compatible .dll file. For that, see: OR


So this is how you can use S3SE to your advantage  Especially just testing code on the go without having to re-open the game, load the world, test, close game, repeat... etc. It's really not that fun whenever that happens, so this really is my favourite mod of the year now, just because I can just load in my dll and test my objects. Change the code again and just click literally 3 buttons to test it again! 

I'll keep this post updated for any future stuff features! I really hope you guys find it easier now to understand what it does and how to use it
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