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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
Straw ManSlick Swax W (Community)
MrFatCatSim-Tropico (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
RembihnuturWomb Chair by Eero Saarinen (Comfort)
AlexQWA Sunflower Vase recolourable + without orchids (Decorative)
MrsGerbitRetro Inspired Loading Screens (Miscellaneous)
rogeLonger Mountain Climbing Event (Overrides)
WaronkBicycle For Kids and Toddler (Miscellaneous)
NerdGirlGasm100 Baby Challenge Trait Mods (Traits)
Stazpuff CreatesGrungy recolor of maxis magazine rack (Community Lot)
SlamyyEyelash Mesh Terminator (Overrides)
MsmsmsmsmsmsPleasantview Children's Park (Community)
FDSims4ModsReFeRenCeSS Modifier (Script & Core Mods)
sneaky420Summon Sprites (Overrides)
PhantomknightRepeatable Relationship Memories Plus New Fall Out of Love Memory (Global Mods)
jmac13Improved Employment Opportunities (Poses and Animations)
fallen skiesInvincible Trait (Traits)
NikkaSimmsClassic red brick home with modern interior - Mac Compatible (Residential)
b0uglasWhite Modern Beach House 2 Bed 1 Bath No CC (Residential)
AmariseSnowy Escapes Yukata - Blue with Fireworks Pattern (Formal)
RicbitBlanco y Negro Apartments (Translation: Black and White Apartments) (No CC) (Apartments)
PBHiccupKids Keep Skills (Script & Core Mods)
StaberindeTwin Peaks Radio (Overrides)
SavannahRaineCurvy Clara by SavannahRaine1 (Residential)
lowflyerA Rose By Any Other Name (Outdoor)
maxguy275Red Vox Wall Decorations (Decorative)
tigodepressoSpooky Tattoo / Base Game (Tattoos)
HuskyBoiHouse with Basement Apartment (Apartments)
reniaxzabkaStonestreet Apartments #3 (Apartments)
jwjj420No CC - Fully furnished Diamond City Market - 50 x 40 (Apartments)
Stygian EmperorMore Angles for Foot Illumination System (Spa Day LED Strips) (Lighting)
paynexkillerMelodeath Metal Sleeveless T-Shirt's Bundle. (Swimwear)
NitiyahhhHead Banging Rock Metal Sims 4 Pose (Poses and Animations)
Gnasher316Louder Stereo's and longer range. (game version (Overrides)
color_systemStardroids Trait (Traits)
andiberlin[Seasons] No Holidays Failure Drama (Overrides)

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