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Default Zerbu's Mod Constructor -- Create interaction to declare another sim?
Hi! I want to start out that I am incredibly new to creating mods, but for storytelling purposes, I desperately wanted a yandere trait and couldn't find one that worked, so I found Zerbu's constructor and decided to do it myself. But, I'm having some difficulty, which, admittedly, may be me overcomplicating it, but I wanted to ask for help if anyone knows an easier way to handle it. Here's my issue:
A yandere needs a senpai, or a "chosen" sim. I thought I could do this with the yandere's highest romance, but I want to create debuffs if the Senpai sim is more romantic or friendly with another sim. I'm afraid this may be difficult or impossible if the only thing determining the status of the Senpai sim as "senpai" is the romance between Yandere/senpai.
I thought maybe since there are "Become best friends" and "declare enemy/archenemy" interactions, I could create an interaction that allows the Y to "declare senpai," thus making that actor the played Y's chosen focus, so, for example, when S is in the room, the Y will get a happy buff, or when S is with another romantic partner, Y will get an angry buff.
I can't seem to find a way to do this, which may just be me not understanding the modding jargon yet, is there a way to do this in Zerbu?
Is there a different or easier way to do this? A work around?
Any suggestions or advice helps me learn! Thanks!
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You will (possibly) receive more help on Zerbu's Discord server, not many creators visit the MTS forums (your post is also in the wrong section btw xD).
There's also my server but it's for any kind of creating help (though not many MC users there, but plenty of modders):

"S is in the room, the Y will get a happy buff" = This can be done with what is called a proximity buff. It would help to study the "declare" options in-game to see how it works, but likely it's a trait with a proximity buff as well. So you could follow a similar setup and make an interaction that loots the senpai trait with a proximity buff (or have the buff on the yandere), then when they are near each other it triggers the reactions. (The declare interaction is mixer_social_DeclareEnemy_targeted_mean_relationship.)
"when S is with another romantic partner, Y will get an angry buff" = If you mean in the same room, might be possible with a proximity buff again, but this one I'm iffy on as I can't think of a way to test for the other sim's partner at the same time.
It would help you more to study how EA's files work as MC can be quite limited, and making some basic stuff first (like the traits, buffs, and regular interactions) before focusing on reactions would help ease you into modding. The TDESCs will explain what this or that does and is essential:

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