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home for elderly (new challenge )
Hello Simmers, first of all, I want to thank the entire MTS community, because without you, I would not have many wonderful things, hair, clothes, furniture, colors, etc .. That make my game much more fun , I was doing challenges for the first time in my life, I know, I'm late for the party !, but a game is alive until it is forgotten and I think that will not happen yet with the sims 2. I love this game, a few years ago I played, but only a little and now I'm on fire hahaha, well I present you my idea about a new challenge, I need your help, of course! I was playing the asylum challenge, I challenge having 7 alien children, one who lives in perpetual winter, etc ... I liked all of them, I realized that there are many challenges for children, adults and adolescents, but I have not read any about the elderly! I was creating 8 elderly people, who do not know each other, and put them all in a nursing home, like the adult asylum, but a little more flexible so that everyone does not die n in 2 days, I do not like extremely cruel challenges, because that would be the greatest trait, choose an elderly sims and be lucky enough to be the last to die, you must help your companions not to die, even to be able to move them to choose a job, since they do not have much money, they are old and have no money that is why they go to that poor nursing home ... what do you say? Do you dare to give me more ideas? Thank you!
P.S: minimum requirements of my challenge, 8 elders; 4 women and 4 men, random aspirations /personality , like the adult asylum challenge, have a job each, no simolenes, or only 1000 to start. Have basic and poor furniture. Sorry for my bad English.
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