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Default Not So Berry challenge, revised and adapted
Hello! I'm sure most of you know about Not So Berry The Sims 4 challenge originally made by lilsimsie. It has many versions, some of them even adapted to The Sims 2 gameplay. However I've decided to come up with my own, based on the original lilsimsie's version. Hope you find it interesting and worth trying!
Unfortunately, due to a long nature of this challenge, and because I'm going to create a version including extended section of the challenge (11-20th generations), not all of the rules will be avaliable from the beginning. I'll add the rest as soon as possible!

General rules:
- you can start in a premade neighbourhood, a custom populated one or in an empty one. It matters only in some small cases stated below.
- you can use cheats as long as they don't make it easier to get generations achievements. I.e. no money cheats. Using SimBlender etc. is ok as long as you don't overdo it.
- starting funds 20000, or lower if you're moving into a house, not an empty lot.
- if your Berry family splints into few households, you can play them via rotation, abandon the rest of unimportant members, kill them or install Story Progression mod. It doesn't matter as long as the main branch of the family is alive.
- you can use ACR and other flavor mods to spice things up.
- if you have miscarriage or childbirth mods, be careful. If your first founder dies without an heir, it's a gameover. If your main branch of the family dies for some reason, you can use a spare one to continue a challenge.
- (optional rule) if you're playing in an empty neighbourhood, you can have a community lot only in a case when someone in a neighbourhood owns the said lot. No community lots without owners allowed.

Generation One. Mint
- grouchy, playful, active but sloopy. Knowledge sim.
- if you have a mod on making aliens as a turn-on, then use it.
- main goal of a generation is to max lvl logic + being abducted by aliens at least once (don't cheat here with knowledge sim perk).
- preferable goal is to have at least one alien offspring (for a female heir use a Cyjon mod to allow alien pregnancy for all).
- additional but not mandatory goal is to reach max lvl of science career.
- your sim can't have too many friends. 3 in total, if you want to have a spouse. 2, if not. Your kids are not included.
- you can buy perks only when reaching certain goals (you can choose them for yourself. I tend to give them to my sim once they reach lvl 5 of any skill. 1 perk per every 5 lvls). Same rule applies to next generations.
- additionally you can allow Mint to up their robot building skill, however it's not mandatory. If you manage to build Servo during Gen 1, it's a huge bonus to score.

Generation Two. Rose
- here and for every next generation stats are randomised by game, so it doesn't matter. Romantic sim.
- have only one child. Or if you use ACR with risky woohoo, don't use birth control and have good relationships with only 1 favourite child and be cold or harsh with the rest.
- have as many lovers as possible and woohoo with them.
- go on as many dates as possible.
- max lvl charisma skill.
Optional goals:
- have bad relationships with Gen 1 but still live with them your whole life.
- get married for the first time as an elder.
- reach max lvl of slacker career.

Generation Three. Yellow
- knowledge sim. This sim is an alien and other paranormal creatures geek.
- be good friends with Gen 1 (if alive) and with all of alien offsprings. If you have some other occult sims and pets in neighbourhood, befriend them. The more the merrier.
- have more than 1 occult offspring. Can be alien, can be any other creature. Becoming vampire, werewolf or plantsim is also ok. BUT! Don't go around converting other sims. Your sim is quite greedy and wants all of the occult powers to themselves.
- main goal is to either become an occult sim, or have an occult child, or both. You can go to any crazy occult roleplay adventures you want, as long as it doesn't violate any other generation rules.
- preferable goals but not mandatory are to max lvl logic or charisma skill (or both, if you want to be hardcore), build a servo OR reach max lvl of paranormal career.
- optional goal is to find and befriend Bigfoot.
- if you become immortal, switch to the next generation when they grown up and become an adult.

More to come! :D
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