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The sims 4 Extreme Legacy challenge
You go to the smallest plot you can find usually in Newcrest.
Next you get rid of all your money next you find the lowest paying (Total) Job
Next you continue
Plot needs to be as small as you can
You cannot move
You need the least paying job (Total)
Your child has to be STRICT Female STRICT Male (Eg I chose STRICT male I need to keep having babies till I have male)
I need To have a wife and an eligible child by Christmas
I have to stick with the house I have and I cant bulldoze lot
My wife or anyone in my family needs the least paying job possible
If you start in Spring you are going Hard Summer Very tough Autumn Near impossible winter EXTREMLY HARD
You can also do cottage living style version
All the rules above ( except You need the least paying job & Your family needs the lowest paying)
You need to forage your money

Thats it hope you enjoy!
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Are we allowed to use teleport?
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