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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
Persephon3Starlight Eye Shadow (Makeup)
CarolB89Default Replacement For Cheese [hair color] Intolerants (Genetics Sets)
ZarantyzNewcrest Bar (No CC) (Community)
I_Like_GreenCool Sword Posters (Decorative)
nickyclem1Insurance Company Mod (Script & Core Mods)
LexiebeanMannequins Without Genders Restrictions (Overrides)
ofinstrumentalsPaintings - Finnish Golden Age Edition (Decorative)
Canterville03Famous Horse: Secretariat (Animals)
Toshiro2 Willow Lane (from Stardew Valley) + no CC version (Residential)
beithirnimhBeithirnimh's Comet Eyes (Defaults) (Eyes)
Grande FiltersChromatica (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
8953014No Autonomous Build Igloo/Snowman/SnowAngel (Overrides)
aecyiaGifting 500 (Miscellaneous)
JulianModCursor HD for The Sims 2 (Config Mods)
kamelbenhadjaThe Luxurious GBW Castle. (Residential)
corpsepickerGhost Face paint (Makeup)
BravemeowLet our Sims Digivolve! (Age-Up Text Override) (Overrides)
IDontEvenPostHomestar Runner (Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters)
PecanNutJapanese Kawaii girl Kaede (Other)
MaritzeTS1 to TS2 - Townie/NPC names replacement mod (Config Mods)
dietcokeApocalypse Lot - Building Surveying Society *CC-Free* (Community)
MogilatedHarder Writing Skill (TS3SU) (Overrides)
diwasimsSimlish American Travel Prints (Decorative)
starswift99Skulls and Roses Recolor Collection (Everyday)

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