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Default The Magic Dynasty Revival Challenge

Wrote a witch challenge for the Sims 4 a while back, and I thought it'd be fun to do a witch themed legacy for the Sims 3 too!


Once, there was a long, ancient dynasty of powerful spellcasters, revered throughout the land. However, the riches, power, and numbers that the family once held with pride have now been reduced to a few measly Simoleons in the pockets of an unskilled magic user, just out of their teenage years. With almost nothing to their name but an empty plot of land, they now must revive their family’s legacy and build everything back from the ground up.



The challenge must begin with the following:

Only one young adult witch Sim. You may customize their gender, appearance, traits, etc. as you wish.

An empty home lot. It can be any size you want, but you may not keep any extra money left over from buying it.

1000 simoleons. Use the familyfunds cheat or MasterController to bring the household funds to this amount.

The following is not mandatory, but suggested to make your life easier:

A world that is already populated with other witches. This is mandatory if you are going for the Unbroken Bloodline side goals– you may move in your own custom Sims for this purpose.

A longer lifespan. The lifespan that works for you will of course depend on your own playstyle, but a longer one will allow for more time to complete your goals.



The main goals are requirements that are mandatory and inherent to the challenge, while side goals are extra requirements that you may choose as you please. There are multiple sets to choose from, and you must pick AT LEAST one to follow for the entirety of the challenge alongside the following main goals:

A family of at least five generations. This requirement is fulfilled when the fifth heir is a Young Adult and has completed their lifetime wish and any optional goals they may have. (If you have not completed the other end goals at this point, note that going for longer does not fail you. Five is the minimum, not the maximum.)

A household net worth of at least 500,000 Simoleons.

Every heir must reach Level 10 in the Magic skill before they pass away.

All heirs must be at LEAST part witch.

All heirs must be raised well through every youth life stage (taught all essential skills as toddlers, grow up on the honor roll as children and teens).

Every heir must complete their lifetime wish.

The optional goals are as follows (I will likely add more as I come up with them):

Unbroken Bloodline:

All heirs may only come from two non-hybrid witches. (This ONLY counts Sims who have been born as a witch. Changing a non-witch Sim from one life state to another will NOT make them into a viable parent for an heir.)

Any Sims that are not born as non-hybrid witches (the children of a human and a witch are included as hybrids in the challenge) are not allowed to stay in the household past the Teenager life stage. They must be kicked out of the house once they are Young Adults.

All heirs must be biological descendants of the founder. An adopted child will not count even if they meet the requirements of being a ‘full’ witch.

There must be at LEAST one trait (can be physical or personality based) that is continuously passed down from heir to heir. If the trait is personality based, you must randomize ALL traits for every heir after your founder. If the trait is physical, you may not edit your heirs’ appearances to fit the requirement.

Masters of Magic:

Every heir must be friends with at least five other witch Sims that are not a part of the household or the family. You may convert non-witch Sims into witches to fulfill this requirement.

Every heir must win at least three spellcasting duels in their lifetime.

You must accomplish each of the following lifetime wishes once throughout the legacy’s course:
Mystic Healer
Zombie Master
Alchemy Artisan
Master of Mysticism

Every heir must earn the Magic Hands lifetime reward before passing away.


Every heir must be friends with at least one non-household Sim from every life state that comes with the Supernatural EP, other witches included and ghosts optional.

Every heir must throw at least one awesome party within their lifetime, with at least five Sims present.

Every heir must give at least five elixirs with positive effects to non-household Sims.



1. Mods are generally fair game. However, you may not use mods that make things easier (EX: make magic less costly of energy, make things cheaper to buy or more lucrative than usual, etc.) UNLESS your lifespan is set at the default length or shorter.

2. You may not use exploits such as continuously selling apples from the ‘Conjure Apple / Poison Apple’ interaction or the automatically-respawning wand in your Sim’s inventory to make money.

3. Your household must never move out of their home lot. Non-heir individuals can be kicked out, but the main household itself must stay in one place.

4. You may not use lifetime rewards to make money (EX: Inheritance, selling one of the object rewards like the hover bed). However, other lifetime rewards and the usage of reward objects for their intended purposes is fair game.

5. You may have pets / familiars, but they may not be created alongside the founder in CAS. If there is a specific appearance / personality you want, you may bring an adopted pet into CAS and edit them as you please.

6. You may not use cheats for any reason that will majorly influence your gameplay (EX: money cheats, deleting burglars or the repo man).

7. No Sim is allowed to get a full-time career or profession UNLESS it is specified in their lifetime wish. However, part-time jobs and self-employment are fair game.

8. Your Sims may not move to other towns long term, but they may temporarily travel to other towns, such as for World Adventures or University.

9. Only children of the current heir are eligible to be the next heir. Adopted children, lab made, etc. are included UNLESS you are playing with the Unbroken Bloodline side goals.


I may tweak or add certain things to this challenge later on if I feel I need to. Feedback and sharing of progress is appreciated and encouraged!
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