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Default Color Outside the Lines TS3 Legacy

This challenge focuses on the lesser used gameplay mechanics in the Sims 3. It is meant to make the typical player explore aspects of the game they usually wouldn’t play. Obviously because I don’t know how everyone plays, these all may be features you have already used. For the most part I tried to include obscure or unconventional game mechanics like hidden skills, real estate, the collection system, lesser played occults etc. I named each generation after a crayon color because it represents coloring outside of the lines and I thought it would be fun.

All Expansion Packs are required. Some store content is heavily recommended but not required.

General Rules-
  • You must complete the Ultimate Goals section to move on to the next generation
  • Mods are allowed
  • Money cheats are not allowed, but all other cheats are
  • Feel free to live in whatever world you want. (Custom worlds may not be ideal for generations revolving around collecting)
  • You are required to use the traits that are given
  • Appearance is optional
  • Short lifespan is not recommended for this challenge
  • The given Career is required but once you complete all of your ultimate goals your sim can do what they want
  • Have fun!

Gen 1- Sky Blue: The Business Tycoon
You’re new to town and you’re ready to start your legacy! Here you know you can make your start and stake your claim. Your goal is to own as much real estate in town no matter what it takes. By working in the business field, you hope to learn the ins and outs of real estate and ultimately open your very own business. You’re not afraid to mooch around or even gamble to get the money you’ll need to invest.
Traits- Mooch, Born Salesperson, Ambitious, Frugal, Schmoozer
Appearance- Clean cut, Business casual style
Career- Business
Ultimate Goals-
  • Become a partner of at least 2 rabbit hole properties
  • Become the owner of at least 1 of the following rabbit hole properties (Hospital, Theater, Stadium, or Office Building)
  • Max out Gambling skill (if you do not have the Lucky Simoleon Casino store content you can skip this one)
  • Mooch off of five sims successfully
  • Open your own business. This can be a restaurant, consignment store, clothing store, car dealership etc (Savvy Seller is recommended but not required, if you do not have Savvy Seller you can own a bar, club, park etc. Use your imagination!)
  • Have your business reach rank 3
  • Have two children
  • Remain unmarried for whole life (your sim just never had the time!)

Gen 2- Forest Green: One with Nature
Your parent and sibling only care about one thing, money. You on the other hand would rather see green in the great outdoors. With your sibling taking over the family business it has left you to live the life you truly want, to pursue nature’s greatest mysteries. You love everything about the science of nature. You love it so much that you intend to become nature itself.
Traits- Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Eco Friendly
Appearance- Boho
Career- Science, Gardener
Ultimate Goals-
  • Max out Science skill
  • Have at least level 7 Gardening skill
  • Marry a sim that has the Loves the Outdoors trait
  • Become a plant sim by eating a forbidden fruit
  • Go camping in the great outdoors at least once a week
  • Adopt one child

Gen 3- Sunset Orange: Sports Fanatic
Being adopted into a loving family has been a dream come true. However, being an only child left you feeling a bit lonely. Playing sports with your fellow team-mates has filled this void and then some. It also gave you the ultimate competitors spirit. Now you must be the very best at every sport!
Traits- Athletic, Loves to Swim, Perfectionist
Career- Sports Agent, Professional Athlete
Appearance- Sporty
Ultimate Goals-
  • Max out all of the following hidden skills:
    - Golfing
    - Skating
    - Snowboarding
    - Water Skiing
    - Wind Surfing
    - Ping Pong/Juice Pong
  • Reach max Jock influence
  • Have 3 good friends that are co-workers
  • Get a Physical Education degree
  • Fall in love and marry a sim that you met at university
  • Have 3 kids
  • Play catch at the park at least once a week

Gen 4- Jazzberry: The Nightlife Sim
Ever since you were a little sim you can remember tapping your foot to every beat. Music has always been your calling, but what you really love is dance music. Everything about the night life excites you, whether its DJing at a local club or bartending at a dive bar. You love getting up on that counter and shaking what Will Wright gave you.
Traits- Night Owl, Virtuoso, Rebellious, Party Animal
Career- Part-Time Shopping Music DJ, Bartender, DJ
Appearance- Club, Grunge
Ultimate Goals-
  • Make money through tips by DJing or Moonlighting at a bar at least twice a week
  • Max out hidden skills:
    - Club Dancing
    - Bubble Blowing
    - Karaoke
    - Pool (Learn all trick shots)
    - DJ Turntable
  • Get 3 random tattoos
  • Make an enemy, then fall in love with them
  • Max out an instrument
  • Throw 5 parties at a club or bar venue
  • Have at least 1 child

Gen 5- Vivid Violet: Master of Mysticism
All of your life you’ve been living in a fantasy, dreaming of mysticism, magic, the supernatural. Unfortunately you were not born with these gifts. You are just a simple non magical sim. However, that’s not going to stop you from trying to surround yourself with all things magical.
Traits- Supernatural Fan, Unlucky, Technophobe
Career- Fortune Teller
Appearance- Gothic, Witchy, Supernatural
Ultimate Goals-
  • Conduct at least 10 palm readings
  • Max out Snake Charming skill
  • Have at least 2 supernatural best friends
  • Own a dragon (If you do not have Dragon Valley skip this)
  • Hold a psychic convention
  • Become friends with the Grim Reaper
  • Free a Genie from a lamp and marry them
  • Have at least one child that’s a genie

Gen 6- Maroon: A Bitter Wish
Growing up as a Genie had its perks, but your parent's constant obsession with your magic was enough to drive you crazy. All you ever really wanted to do was create art. Instead, you were pushed into a career of being a magician by your parents. You’re bitter and angry and want to lash out at the sims of the world, specifically by stealing their lawn flamingos. Maybe one day YOUR wish will come true, until then you must grant everyone else’s.
Traits- Kleptomaniac, Grumpy, Loner, Avant Garde
Career- Magician
Appearance- Any
Ultimate Goals-
  • Have at least 5,000 worth of stolen items on your lot
  • Complete a Legendary show as a magician
  • Have terrible relationships with your parents
  • Max Street Art skill
  • Tag 15 locations around town
  • Ensorcel at least 5 sims and have them do your bidding
  • Fall in love with a sim who has the Artistic or Avant Garde trait
  • Adopt one child (Your sim refuses to pass along it’s “curse”)

Gen 7- Chestnut: Ode to a Bookworm
Having a grumpy parent has taught you to avoid most other sims. You just simply don’t know how to interact in the real world. Instead, you find yourself lost in books and literature. And if you’re not lost in a book, you’re glued to your phone trying to have some form of a social life.
Traits- Book Worm, Artistic, Socially Awkward, Hates the Outdoors, Shy
Career- Book Club Moderator, Writer
Appearance- Nerdy, Hipster
Ultimate Goals-
  • Max out Social Networking skill
  • Max out Writing skill
  • Unlock all smartphone skins
  • Make 3 friends using the Sim Finder App
  • Have a 5 star blog
  • Join the book club
  • Go to the library at least once a week
  • Own every book from bookstore
  • Marry a sim you’ve met online
  • Write a Vaudeville
  • Have at least two children

Gen 8- Canary Yellow: The Ultimate Collector
Ever since you were little you were obsessed with collecting. Rocks, bugs, creatures, you name it and you’ve collected it. Now that you’re a young adult you dream of collecting everything under the sun and helping every little critter you can find.
Traits- Animal lover, Gatherer, Lucky
Career- Any
Appearance- Casual
Ultimate Goals-
  • Collect 5 Beetles or Butterflies as a child
  • Join the Scouts club as a child
  • Collect 5 seashells or messages in a bottle.
  • Collect 5 different types of gems, rocks, and metals. Put them on display in your home
  • Collect and have one of each of the following creatures on your lot. (These must be collected from the wild and not bought):
    - Lizard
    - Snake
    - Rodent
    - Turtle
    - Small bird
    - Large bird
  • Have your own pet adoption center/shelter (You can use your imagination with this, just as long as you’re either taking in strays and having them get adopted, or breeding your own animals and putting them up for adoption) Can be on home lot or community lot.
  • Marry your childhood best friend
  • Have at least two children

Gen 9- Silver: I, Simbot
You dream of having the perfect family, and preferably not one made up of furry critters. You tried the old-fashioned way and it didn’t live up to your expectations. You know that every sim is flawed and could never be perfect. That is why you’ve decided your perfect family cannot be flesh and bone, they must be more.
Traits- Eccentric, Perfectionist, Mean Spirited, Dislikes Children, Bot Fan
Career- Inventor
Appearance- Mad Scientist
Ultimate Goals-
  • Have one biological child with a random sim
  • Have a terrible relationship with your child and make them your personal helper, have them do all the chores, cooking, gardening etc
  • Have level 10 inventing skill
  • Create at least 2 Simbots, make them your new “family” (You can create them on the workbench or by redeeming the “My Best Friend” lifetime reward)
  • Marry one of the Simbots
  • When your child becomes a teen kick them out

Gen 10- Screamin' Green: A Ghoul’s End
All of the previous generations before you have somehow negatively affected your DNA. Maybe if your parent had brought you up right you would have stood a chance. You know right here and right now this experiment has to end, and you refuse to continue this lineage. You are angry and you will wreak havoc before you leave this sim world.
Traits- Inappropriate, Loser, Hot-Headed, Never Nude, Unlucky
Career- Criminal, Unemployed
Appearance- A Hideous Outfit
Ultimate Goals-
  • Get struck by lightning at least once and survive
  • Hold a protest at least once a week
  • Fight 10 sims
  • Break sims out of jail using a Miner
  • If you ever get robbed always release the burglar if they’re caught
  • Get married and then die on your wedding day. (Yes you read that correctly)
  • Have your spouse bring you back and live out the rest of your days as a ghost (you can do this with the “Oh My Ghost!” opportunity or you can use a NRaas mod to bring them back)
  • Scare your parent once a day for the rest of their life
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