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Default The Barbie(TM) Challenge
When Will Wright originally conceived the idea of the Sims, He thought of it sort of as a build-your-own dollhouse and dolls simulator. Well, let's make a challenge themed around one of the most famous dolls of all time!

What makes Barbie(TM) such a memorable doll? It's her brand! For this challenge, We shall create a sim based on a highly marketable brand that would appeal to a wide audience of children and their parents.

Building the Brand

Before you create the sim, Pick a color, any color, and be prepared to make that your sim's favorite color. Every outfit they wear will have shades of it, Their Dreamhouse(TM) will be decorated in shades of it, Even most of their possessions will be this color. Also, Pick a name for this sim that is highly "brandable". Anyone can buy a Dolly Doll, but everybody WANTS a Barbie(TM) Doll. (Please note, you do not have to name your sim "Barbie" or include the Trademark at the end of their names )

Brand Requirements:
-Must be a YA Sim (preferably female, but male sims are acceptable) with a trademark favorite color and a brandable first name. The Last Name can be whatever. (Barbie(TM) herself actually has a last name, but no one knows what it is, because few care to actually look it up)
-Must have the following traits: Brave, Lucky, Ambitious, and Perfectionist. The remaining trait (and any subsequent traits as allowed via a degree or social group) can be whatever you'd like.
-The sim in question MUST start off as a human. But they can acquire supernatural status later.
-Place the sim in the town of your choosing, on a lot that is not necessarily the Dreamhouse(TM) but is either a starter home they will move away from, or a gigantic empty lot on which the Dreamhouse(TM) will be built.

Playtime with Barbie(TM)

Now, the best part of Barbie(TM) is playing with her, but there are a few rules:
-Whatever job or profession your sim has, they must reach level 10 before they can start a new one.
-Whatever skills your sim learns, they must eventually master them.
-Your sim cannot make any enemies, only friends and lovers.
-If this sim desires children, they MUST marry.
-Your sim will want to save their simoleans so they can build or buy...

Life in the Dreamhouse(TM)

The Dreamhouse(TM) is a very special place. It's your ultimate playhouse! It has the following specifications:
-It must be built on a 64X64 lot
-It must have at least 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a pool, a place for at least 1 car, and most features of the place must be painted in hues of the sim's trademark favorite color.
-The total value of the lot MUST be at or exceed 1,000,000 simoleans in order for the challenge to be finished.

Random additional challenges:
-If you have World Adventures, You must earn a level 3 visa for all locations.
-If you have University, You must earn all the degrees (through study or happiness points)
-If you have Into the Future, You must earn all the future statues, and are forbidden to earn the dystopian future.

Come on Barbie(TM) Let's go Party!
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