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Default The Evil Genius 2 challenge
Some time ago, I created a challenge based on the video game "Evil Genius". Well, not too long ago, a sequel, "Evil Genius 2" came out, so I figured it's as good a time as any to make an Evil Genius 2 Challenge!

Once again, we shall create a family based on the following Character archetypes:

1. The Evil Genius: The "Main" Main character, This individual plans to take over all of Simtopia. Designed however you'd like, they must have the following traits: Evil, Charismatic, and Ambitious.
2. The Janitor: This Sim's sole purpose is to serve the Evil Genius and all the stuff they own. Must be Neat, A Natural Cook, and Handy.
3. The Publicist: This Sim's Objective is to make the Evil Genius look good in the public eye. Must be Charismatic, Flirty, and a schmoozer.
4. The Bodyguard: This Sim Protects the Evil Genius from all physical harm and sometimes acts as a personal trainer. Must Be Athletic, Brave, and Hot-Headed.
5. The Scientist: This Sim is responsible for building the various gadgets the Evil Genius uses, as well as upgrading everything around the base. Must be a Computer Whiz, Handy, and a Genius.

The Evil genius themselves is the only one required to have the "evil" trait, but it helps to give all the sims this trait. You can also add some additional characters if you'd like:

-The Moll/Boy Toy: The Evil Genius's personal arm candy. This role may be combined with one of the required roles listed above, but they can also be a separate sim.
-Fluffy: The Evil Genius's beloved pet. Need not actually be named "Fluffy"
-The Theif: This Sim steals stuff for the Evil Genius. If one of the main five already has a kleptomaniac trait, this sim is not needed.
-The Groundskeeper: Unlike the Janitor, this Sim focuses on the outside of the base. They manage any gardens, fish ponds, or alternate properties the Evil Genius owns. Can be combined with the Janitor, but not necessary.
-The Artist: This Sim's sole purpose is to complement the Evil Genius's already massive ego by creating artworks dedicated to their "muse".
-The Mystic: This Sim will attempt to alter the forces of the Universe to benefit your Evil Genius. Whether or not this actually works depends on how you want to play.

Plonk the Evil genius and their family down on an empty lot, and build a lair with at least one of each of the following rooms:

Archive: A Library, basically.
Barracks: Contains Beds for sleeping, bathrooms for cleaning up, and just a place for everyone (Except the "Evil Genius" themselves) to hang out.
Control Room: Has all the computers the operation will need.
Inner Sanctum: The Evil Genius's private quarters, where they can scheme and recharge without being bothered by their support staff.
Laboratory: If you can invent it, concoct it, or clone it, it goes in here.
Mess Hall: A place to eat. The Evil Genius does not necessarily have to eat in here, but they can if you want to.
Prison: Allows to hold, interrogate and eliminate "Undesirables".
Training Room: A gym, basically.
Vault: Stores all those fun collectibles the crew has rounded up. Be they WA loot, custom artworks, or just plain valuables you've found along the way.

Once you have the family settled and the base built, time to move on to the objectives of the game:

1. Every sim in this family (Except "Fluffy" if you choose to add them) Must be employed outside the base. All members MUST achieve level 10 of said career before they are permitted to switch careers. After all, we don't want the rest of Simkind to catch wind of what this family is planning. And having oodles of Extra money is good too.
2. Buy up all the properties around town and get them all to level 3.
3. Buy up all rabbitholes around town and become the full owner.
4. Leave no lots empty.
5. Have 1,000,000 simoleans cash.

Additional objectives:
-Complete all the adventures and tombs from "WA"
-Collect all the Magic Gnomes
-Buy all Buyable lifetime rewards for use in your base
-Have a garden of Money Trees that generates at least 10,000 Simoleans per day
-Unlock all inventions/potions/statues and paintings
-Unlock all Gem shapes
-If you have IP, have a family member explore all dive locations and get the special "Evolution of the plumbob" painting
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