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Default Loser's Legacy (The Sims 4 edition)
"Once upon a time a sim got cursed by 10 generations of misery for them and all their family. Will they be able to prevail in the decades of misfortune to finally break the spell?"

Originally developed for The Sims 3, but some people asked me to convert this for The Sims 4, so here we go
This is a variation of the original Legacy Challenge so most of the rules are the same. You can find them here:

In a nutshell, you have to create your founder sim, move them onto an empty lot and maintain their bloodline for 10 generations. In this particular game, we will be focusing on an unlucky individual whose character is miserable and twisted, and their future family of similar lost souls. Whereas in the original challenge you have to randomize all traits, in Loser's Legacy you can choose them yourself to reflect your sim's Fatal Flaw.

And what's this Fatal Flaw, you ask? Well, it is what makes this challenge unique and fun! It is a special character quirk each member of your legacy family will have to live with.
There are 20 possible Fatal Flaws and they are assigned randomly. Some of them only affect the sim to whom they apply, while others will have an impact on the whole family. There are some funny synergies between them which you will soon find out.

1. Crazy cat lady/man (Cats & Dogs) - Your family must own as many cats as possible at any given time. You should always have at least one, even if it means kicking a family member out. Whenever you gain a new open slot in your household, you have to adopt a new cat immediately. You are, however, allowed to get rid of a cat when you need a space for a spouse or a new baby. When this Fatal Flaw takes effect, the family must get rid of any other animals to make space for the cats.
2. Woohoomaniac - The sim must woohoo/mess around at least three times every day.
3. Hoarder - The family may not sell/delete anything except for build mode objects.
4. Glutton - The sim must eat at least 8 full portions of food every day. Quick meals count too. Fruits and veggies don't. Glutton and a sim with Poor appetite will dislike each other and always be enemies.
5. Claustrophobe - This sim will never go inside a building. Or a car. Or a plane. Or generally any closed space. So apart from living outdoors, this also means no traveling to other worlds, because they could hardly walk there, right?
6. Agoraphobe - This sim will never leave the safety of their house. Ever. (No walking outside. Even within your own lot. Can't work a regular job.)
7. Germophobe - This sim must do everything in their power to maintain the positive moodlet from showering/bathing at all times. This means as soon as it wears off, they need to hop in a shower/bath tub to regain it (does not apply when the sim is sleeping or at work). They will never interact with smelly sims or use dirty objects (apart from cleaning them). They will also never use the public bathroom/pool/hot tub. If you have Bust the Dust Kit, they will want to maintain a sparkling clean house at all times. No playing with dust bunnies! Germophobe and Stinker will dislike each other and always be enemies.
8. Danger addict - Every time this sim's mood shifts into sad, embarrassed or tense, they will engage in an activity that has a chance of killing them. Be creative, it can be anything from repairing an electrical object with low handiness skill to standing outside in a thunderstorm, playing with a murphy bed, eating low quality pufferfish nigri, shaking a vending machine, rock climbing, etc. If they survive, they don't have to taunt death again until the next day.
9. Cruel - This sim will feel an overwhelming urge to bully those closest to them. Every day this sim must be mean to each member of the household (teen and older) to the point that their victim will get a negative moodlet from it. They can apologize afterwards and try to mend their relationship, only to succumb to their dark side again the next day...
10. Scrooge - The family can only buy the cheapest available variant of items and services. They will also never buy anything costing over §1000. They will never give away any money or items or food for any sims outside of their family. Scrooge will always be enemies with Spendthrift and Gambler.
11. Fickle - This sim will not stay in one job for more than a week. Then they will quit and try something different, never going back to that particular career again. The same goes for relationships - no more than one week after going steady (or marrying) they have to break up and try their luck with someone else next time.
12. Spendthrift - This sim will spend every simoleon they get their hands on. If the family has any money left, you have to have this sim spend it all buying stuff or services. Bills can be paid with priority, but everything else must be spent as fast as you can. Spendthrift and Scrooge will dislike each other and always be enemies.
13. Misanthrope - This sim can never be anyone's friend. In fact, the only interactions they are allowed with other sims are mean. They should try to keep all relationship scores neutral or in the red, with an exception of their (intended) spouse. That's the only person they can ever be close with.
14. Drunkard - This sim has to go to a bar every evening and have at least 5 drinks. If they can't leave the house, they have to drink at home. When they finally go to bed, they cannot get up before noon.
15. Gambler (Journey to Batuu) - This sim needs to spend at least 4 hours in a "casino" each day playing Sabacc for money. If they lose all their money, they can go home early. Gambler and Scrooge will dislike each other and always be enemies.
16. Lazy - This sim will never touch any housework (cleaning, repairing, dishes, laundry, taking trash out, gardening etc.), only ever takes part time/odd jobs and slacks off the entire shift. If they need to prepare their own food, they only go for quick meals and microwave-heated ones. They will never do any sports and will not learn skills unless the activity also raises their fun. Teenagers will always slack off at school and never do their homework or school projects.
17. Loon - You may not directly control this sim. No commands can be given and no actions can be canceled. They will just do whatever they please, assuming you have their free will toggled on. Otherwise they will just stand there and drool. This sim may not move out of the house on their own. If you want to move in a spouse for them, you either have to do so before their Fatal Flaw takes effect, or a family member has to arrange it. If they live alone, then too bad, you can't.
18. Stinker - This sim will never ever shower or bathe, nor will they swim or wash their clothes. They just love their smell too much, so other sims will have to deal with it. Germophobe and Stinker will dislike each other and always be enemies.
19. Poor appetite - This sim will not eat unless they are "Ravenous" (the 40 Uncomfortable moodlet). At that point they can have one small meal (a light quick meal or a piece of fruit/vegetable). A sim with Poor appetite and Glutton will dislike each other and always be enemies.
20. Ghost obsession - Each week this sim needs to somehow acquire a new tombstone/urn for their collection. How they will do it is up to your wicked imagination All tombstones/urns need to be hidden somewhere on the family lot, accessible only to the "collector". Keep it a secret from other family members, unless they also share this trait.

You will start with rolling a 20-sided die (or using random number generator for numbers 1-20, for example to see which Fatal Flaw your founding sim will possess. With that in mind, create your sim. Give the sim any traits that you feel would go well with their Fatal Flaw. The same goes for their aspiration. Finally move your sim on your starting lot and start playing! During Week 1 your Fatal Flaw will NOT take effect, so you can make any necessary preparations if needed.

Whenever a baby is born into your family, you need to roll for their Fatal Flaw. Do this before choosing traits, so you can choose traits that would not contradict the Fatal Flaw. The Fatal Flaw will not take effect until the sim reaches their teens. Until then it is dormant and only serves you to choose fitting traits or plan for succession.

When an outsider sim joins the household, they are initially free of the family curse so they don't have any Fatal Flaw. However, living with your sims for too long will forever twist their character, so as soon as they age up under your control, they will need to roll their own Fatal Flaw. You are allowed to roll for their Fatal Flaw right away when they move in, to have some time to prepare, but it won't take effect until they age up. (You obviously don't need to roll for elders.)

If you can manage to run this family long enough to reach Generation 10, you win and the curse is broken, meaning no more bad traits or fatal flaws for any future sims. Yay!

Some notes:
- Certain Fatal Flaws require a specific DLC. If you don't own it, just re-roll that flaw if you get it.
- To see which sim has what Fatal Flaw, the best is to write the name of the Fatal Flaw (or some abbreviation of it) before the sim's first name (like Scrooge Lizzie or Lazy Pete).
- To track progress of Fatal Flaws with specific tasks needed to be performed X-times-a-day, especially in between game sessions, I find it easiest to have a set of decorations of the same color and recoloring one each time you fulfill the task (woohoo, eat, etc.)
- You may sometimes fail to meet the daily quota for certain Fatal Flaws (like 8 meals for Glutton or 3 woohoo for Woohoomaniac). Or a sim will autonomously break their rule (i.e. Stinker showering). It doesn't mean that you lost the challenge, but always make an honest attempt to do it right. If you wish, you can count penalty points for when that happens to compare with other players later.
- Traveling to other lots will have the sims who stayed at home fulfill their needs automatically. Always try to take all your sims there if you want to travel, or at least don't leave Poor appetite or Stinker sims at home. That would pretty much beat the purpose of their flaw. Eating/showering at work in rabbithole-style careers is okay though.
- If you are uncomfortable with certain Fatal Flaws (they might touch a subject that is sensitive to you), feel free to re-roll and take something you are comfortable with.

Disclaimer: Although this is called "Loser's" legacy, implying that sims with such character traits are losers, there was never any ill intent to make fun of or berate people who struggle with similar issues in real life. I really hope that I did not offend anyone by writing it as it is. Please keep in mind that it was all done in the spirit of usual Sims-like dark humor, nothing else.

Well, that's it! I hope you will enjoy playing my challenge. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas and most importantly - share your stories!

Happy simming!
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