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Default Nothing, to Priestess; Karma, Gods, and Temple,
Tropical swirling saris bloom in bright colors, bold reds, curry orange, sky blue and banana yellow; Cows are everywhere, wandering, worshiped. 
People haggle over money over rest oranges, lemons, greens, and perfumes.
Tea is worth 2 rupees; dirty, but it is still liquid. 
The Golden Monkeys - Vervet Monkeys - take their places; Worshiped as Gods, people in colorful clothes give them pieces of bread and fruit. 
She risks her life daily.
She sleeps in the shadows and doorways; New Deli; India. 
Latika, P, has a simple, homeless life in the slums — and a great Lifetime desire — to found a Hindu Temple. Her one skill? A Homeless Cobra Charmer; of the King Cobra!
Rupees, small, large coins, bounce her way — she has never been to school, a teenager. 
She is already Married; running from an arranged marriage; her marriage bed, is flames.

Goal One: Charm King Cobra at least One Hour a Day; collect money given. Clear Karma Daily; with a Ritual Puja. 
Goal Two: Move into an Abandoned Mud Brick House; a dirt floor with holes in the roof; good for planting, dry nights, and a water bucket for rain. 
Goal Three: Plant Crops Indoors; Holes in the Ceiling for Light; No Door; it’s Safer that way. She is fed, has a bed of banana leaves, a cooking fire, a King Cobra, and Shelter. Things are looking up! Stay this way for a week. 
Goal Four: Change to Young Adult! Take Aptitude Test. Go to All of University! 
Goal Five: While there, Cobra Charm on Campus - Homeless - learn to read and write and Work Smart; Be a A Student. 
Goal Six: Graduate! 
Goal Seven; Go Back to India; Become a New Bride! 
Goal Eight: Marry; Hindu Wedding; Henna, Red Gown, Gold Jewelry! 
Goal Nine; Found Hindu Temple!
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